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A cluttered office.

The Captain's Computer

Stealthily, you slip behind the Captain's desk and have a seat in the plush, swiveling chair. There you discover some interesting information... gaining 5XP in the process.

Current date is #SET DATE#
Current time is 00:00:00:00

IBM Personal Computer DOS Version 3.10 Command v 1.18


#Subject - Smith, Joe [CAPD Officer]
Witnessed "double-dipping" cheese sauce in break room. Also, 3 incidents of improper confiscation of squad pastries.
#Analysis - Execute with extreme prejudice at earliest convenience...
#Subject - Manson, Charles [Civilian]
Charming bearded fellow. Was seen distributing kool-aid to several of the staff.
#Analysis - Those refreshments will come in handy. Will begin recruitment of subject on monday.


* Crew Avenue Police Department --- Foulkes Village *