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The Philosophe Knights' Foulkes Village Adventure

On or about the second week of October 2011, members of the Philosophe Knights were noticed in our jurisdiction. [1][2][3]. Officer James went on record stating “...these better behave themselves. I ain't in the mood for any education bollocks.

The suspects were further reported as making themselves useful for a change, [4] so no action was taken at the time. Officers were advised to attend the scheduled zombie break-in, ball and buffet, and the no less traditional lead and gunpowder-centred afterhours festivities at CAPD headquarters and medical facility.

Things went pear-shaped soon enough. In the wee hours of the 18th, a strike team of masked patrons showed up at CAPD headquarters exhibiting a less than diplomatic stance. [5] Officer Popham went on record stating “Fuck's sake.” Shenanigans below ensued.

As usual, we'd like to a minute to acknowledge and thank our most excellent dear friends at ROAR and The 'Sards for their invaluable support. Lulz wouldn't have been so plenty without you peeps.


The CAPD decided to declare this amusement closed on the 6th of December 2011, after members of the FoD arrived to the area, a purely circumstantial event that nevertheless will divert our attention. We believe this warrants a reset of the score.

More importantly, we feel the PK has resorted to smear the CAPD now, and we wish no association with a group who would stoop to this, not even as opponents. Further details, should the general public be interested in this, can be found in this thread in the CAPD forum.

The final score is below. We are more than satisfied with our performance, and we commend all officers and allies who took part in this. You people are outstanding; you are the reason this game is still fun after all these years.


The Scoreboard


CAPD and Friends Philosophe Knights
52 - 30

Play by Play

It should be noted that, being primarily a survivor group, many CAPD officers just can't be arsed with taking screenshots of deaths at the hands of PKers. Deaths are more often reported in our forum, and the table below includes those, even when there's no screenshot to back it up. That's just us trying to be fair. The public and the perps here are encouraged to submit relevant evidence at the dispatch centre, should they have any available; it'd be most appreciated.

Killer Killed Evidence PK score CAPD score
Doctor Horus Fontis Harry Kewell strike. We don't rightly know who Christoph is, but meh, let's count him anyway. 1 0
Mazu Jack Hammermill 2 0
Doctor Horus Fontis Christoph Rieken 3 0
Dr Dempsky Gaucho from Hell wit 4 0
Wilson Smithers Doctor Horus Fontis CAPD forum attachment 4 1
zipo396 Brad Dahlia wit 4 2
Susan Popham Regno wit 4 3
Elly May Luis Manuel Valdes screenshot 4 4
Dr Dempsky Harry Kewell n/a, reported in CAPD forum 5 4
Dorothy Quincy & Sid James Jr Jess Cutter taunt, kill 5 5
Susan Popham Rublles taunt, kill 5 6
Elly May Brad Dahlia taunt, kill 5 7
Sid James Jr Dr Dempsky talk, kill, double whammy 5 8
Sid James Jr Mazu 5 9
Luis Manuel Valdes Harry Kewell n/a, reported in CAPD forum 6 9
Wilson Smithers Regno wit 6 10
zipo396 Doctor Horus Fontis wit 6 11
Elly May Luis Manuel Valdes wit 6 12
Regno Susan Popham wit 7 12
Susan Popham Regno taunt, kill 7 13
Elly May Doctor Horus Fontis kill, song 7 14
Sid James Jr Brad Dahlia taunt, kill 7 15
Elly May, Sid James Jr & zipo396 Luis Manuel Valdes talk, talk, kill, late 7 16
Mazu zipo396 wit 8 16
Dorothy Quincy & Susan Popham Brad Dahlia wit, instant replay 8 17
Sid James Jr Regno talk, talk, kill, art 8 18
Wilson Smithers, Sid James Jr & zipo396 Luis Manuel Valdes flare, instant replay 8 19
Doctor Horus Fontis Elly May n/a, reported in CAPD forum 9 19
Sid James Jr & Susan Popham Doctor Horus Fontis taunt, kill 9 20
zipo396 & Susan Popham Luis Manuel Valdes putdown, kill 9 21
some philosophe michaleson n/a... look he remembers being killed. probs by a bloke in a frock and mask, hence the general recognition. 10 21
Brad Dahlia Sid James Jr wit 11 21
Doctor Horus Fontis' Elly May n/a, reported in CAPD forum 12 21
zipo396 Rublles talk, talk, education 12 22
Luis Manuel Valdes Wilson Smithers n/a, reported in CAPD forum 13 22
Sid James Jr Luis Manuel Valdes taunt, kill 13 23
Dorothy Quincy Brad Dahlia taunt, kill 13 24
Susan Popham Sophie Engelhardt kill, encore 13 25
Susan Popham Dr Eirin Yagokoro talk, kill 13 26
zipo396 Mazu talk, talk kill 13 27
Sid James Jr Letitia poetry kill 13 28
zipo396 and Susan Popham Brad Dahlia class.

No really, this was class. Some assorted views from this shootout (we'll add more if we can): 1 2 3

13 29
zipo396 and Susan Popham Mazu 13 30
Lord Pendragon Bianco 14 30
Regno Gaucho from Hell 15 30
Mazu Deadblast 16 30
Dr Eirin Yagokoro Harry Kewell 17 30
Kara Nimi Bianco 18 30
Jim Mclusky Elly May n/a reported in CAPD chat 19 30
zipo396 Brad Dahlia robbery 19 31
Brad Dahlia & Duke D'oeuvre Susan Popham 20 31
Lord Pendragon Susan Popham wit 21 31
michaleson & Sid James Jr Tom Deat talk kill 21 32
Susan Popham Duke D'oeuvre talk kill 21 33
Bianco, Wilson Smithers & michaleson Sophie Engelhardt kill 21 34
Lord Pendragon Harry Kewell kill 22 34
Wilson Smithers Lord Pendragon kill 22 35
Duke D'oeuvre zipo396 knife 23 35
Susan Popham Lord Pendragon talk, kill 23 36
Sid James Jr Sabanya tip, shock, kill 23 37
michaleson Damon Young kill 23 38
Brad Dahlia Bianco kill 24 38
the Reverend Cyanide (?) Wilson Smithers n/a, reported in CAPD forum (plus we think the cap'n was ever so slightly brahms and can't be asked to remember details) 25 38
Damon Young, Duke D'oeuvre & Brad Dahlia zipo396 gang 26 38
Sid James Jr Rublles crash 26 39
Dr Eirin Yagokoro boocat kill 27 39
Elly May & zipo396 Duke D'oeuvre do over 27 40
Elly May & zipo396 Rublles love death 27 41
Susan Popham Luis Manuel Valdes rights nickd 27 42
some philosophe Wilson Smithers n/a, reported in CAPD forum; unsure if it was a PK but just in case 28 42
zipo396 KILLFASTER fire talk movie the end 28 43
Dorothy Quincy & Sid James Jr Sabanya talk kill 28 44
Sid James Jr Lord Pendragon another one bites the dust 28 45
the Reverand Cyanide Emily Addamms shy killah 29 45
Kara Nimi zipo396 hospital not museum 30 45
zipo396 Brad Dahlia nom nom 30 46
Elly May Sabanya n/a, reported in CAPD, Elly's having a screenie malfunction 30 47
Elly May Dr Eirin Yagokoro n/a, reported in CAPD forum 30 48
Susan Popham Mazu talk kill 30 49
Sid James Jr the Reverand Cyanide fashion statement 30 50
Bianco Brad Dahlia positive feeling 30 51
Elly May Sabanya for science experiment tidy 30 52