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Caught with your pants down.


Feeling the urge to snort some crack, you decide to duck into the lavatory and make use of the middle stall. You think to yourself, "I'm inhaling smackity-jack in the headquarters of Foulkes Village's most historied police department. What could possibly go wrong?" That question is soon answered as a pair of barking dogs lead a fully-armed compliment of Malton's Finest directly to your location.

Apparently the Crew was testing the efficacy of their new canine unit in detecting brain rot from a distance. It turns out the dogs weren't of any use in that capacity - but they're still pretty good at sniffing out drugs! You spend the night in the holding cell, losing 2HP to boredom. But in the end you learn a tough lesson about doing Jimmy Crack Corncain, and earn 15 valuable experience points.