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A CCTV camera found inside the Big Brother House.

Closed-circuit-television, or CCTV, is a feature found only in Borehamwood.



When inside a powered police station or the Big Brother House control room there is an option to view CCTV, this will give you an almost full description of a neghbouring location, such as:

Every screen is showing the interior of location. There is a group of X survivors inside, including (list of 5 random profiles). A generator is powering the building. There is a dead body on the floor. Somebody has spraypainted message on the wall.

The option to view CCTV is available both to survivors and zombies.

Switch Camera

There is also an option to switch camera, this will give you a view of a different location. Usually there are about 3 locations through which CCTV cycles.

This option is only available to survivors.

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