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The following details the Alliance between the Creedy Defense Force (CDF) and the Chi Vai Hunters (the "Hunters").

I. There will be no acts of aggression between the CDF and the Hunters

II. Both groups are expected to render aid to one other in times of need. (This may be waived if either group is located more than two (2) suburbs from the other.)


a. Any enemies of the CDF henceforth become enemies of the Hunters.*

b. Any enemies of the Hunters henceforth become enemies of the CDF.*

c. Gkers are viewed in the same light as undeads.

  • (This refers only to the undead and cases of individual player killing (PKing). Aggression by third party survivor groups or clans is discussed in article 4.

IV. Any attacks on the CDF or the Hunters by a third party group or clan are to be immediate cause for an investigation and discussion on the matter.

V. It is accepted that the CDF would forfeit all claims to the Chi Vais found on their territory.

VI. It is accepted that no member of CDF shall question a Hunter at length as to the identification or secrets pertaining to the Chi Vai.

Failure to uphold any of the articles of this Alliance by either group will result in the immediate termination of the Alliance.

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