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Caiger and Latrobe Zombie Alliance
Abbreviation: CLZA
Group Numbers: 5
Leadership: None
Goals: Attack Caiger, the Latrobe, and/or nearby buildings. Try to keep Harmans from dominating the area.
Recruitment Policy: Add CLZA to profile, shamble to Caiger.
Contact: There's a CLZA forum at NecroConnect if anyone wants to contact us.

CLZA - Caiger and Latrobe Zombie Alliance

CLZA are a group of Zombies that are focused on attacking Caiger Mall, The Latrobe Building, and also parts of the surrounding area. Since June 2015 when we helped ferals take down the mall and NT after a battle that lasted several weeks, we've usually been able to clear out and hold at least one of the two. Like with several other areas in Malton though it's often a continuous battle with the buildings changing hands.

We coordinate on the NecroConnect forums, and when we can, attack together. We're also still looking for more members, so that firstly we can be more effective at the mall and NT, but secondly, so that we can maybe have groups focused on different areas at the same time. For instance, one group at Caiger/Latrobe, and another hitting NT and other resource buildings nearby (see map below.)

If you want to join us, you can just add CLZA to your profile and meet up with us at the Caiger area. We'd also hope that you could join us on the forums so that you can coordinate with us whenever you can, and if you want to do that, just check the forum info at the bottom of this page.

The final option if you're someone thinking of joining is that you could just join and work as you want, hitting buildings in the area as and when you please. That's up to you though, and we'd be glad to have more members with us in the area whatever is decided.

Strategy and Other Stuff

No zerging, which is basically the only fixed rule that we have, and which should be obvious. We don't want anything to do with that, and want to fight fairly.

If you get revived, jumping from a building and returning to Zombie ways would be preferable, but if you have to PK, try to just make it the person that revived you and do it as quick as you can. Mainly because it's hard to maintain our numbers and each standing/attacking Zombie is important when there's so many Humans around fighting us, which is often the case in the Caiger area.

If one of Caiger or The Latrobe are ruined, heading to the other building to attack is often going to be the best option. If both are taken, either sticking around in one of the buildings, or attacking the buildings nearby that are populated can be done. The auto repair and warehouse connected to the mall being good to help stop the supply of fuel cans. Another option is to pick a different resource target from the list/map below if you're bored of attacking Caiger or The Latrobe.

Nearby Resource Buildings

This is a list of resource buildings 4 blocks out from the mall in each direction, and is for anyone that wants to hit buildings of that type but still stay fairly close to the mall if the Bra!nbagz return. All are either marked in red or with the usual red NT outline that the DSS Map of Malton uses. If we ever get enough members, these buildings could be hit fairly regularly by a group more focused on this area (with members free to alternate between the mall/NT attack group and the resource buildings group as they please.)


1. Kenefie Lane PD, 15, 23.

2. Cuthbert General Hospital, 16, 23.

3. Tennant Auto Repair, 16, 24.

4. Warehouse, 16, 29.

Darvall Heights

5. Warehouse, 20, 26.

6. The Herman Building, 24, 36. (NT)

7. Holloms Auto Repair, 21, 27.

8. The Latrobe, 21, 28. (NT)

West Becktown
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