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CMS-Meta wiki page

Recruitment is Re-opened

You can now join the CMS-Meta by reading the CMS Board Manifesto and follow the trail of bread crumbs that will lead you to our fine organization.

Timeline of the Events Leading to CMS-Meta Creation

Jan 12th 2006: Eric Hudson, from the "Dakerstown Elite Army" former members of the Dunell Hills Police Department, requested help from the Caiger Mall Survivors after all his team members where betrayed by Imperial War Machine.

Jan 12th 2006: A small group of CMS agree to help with the revive's at the south of Roywood. They stock up on Syringes in the NecroTech buildings around Caiger and made sure to be packing enough ammo.

Jan 14th 2006: 2 friends of the CMS arrived in south of Roywood, to scout the area & relay information back. A lot of buildings are opened containing locked-in zeds, about 40 or so zeds in the south of the area.

Jan 15th 2006, 3 more CMS arrive to barricade the south of Roywood & clear out buildings of zeds, while 1 other starts reviving lost DEA members and other Survivors. Meanwhile a small group of Caiger Mall Survivors move towards Giddings Mall to help out after seeing numerous requests for help on walls and spoken by visitors of Caiger Mall. Pitty that the group was so small.

Jan 16th 2006, more buildings barricaded at Roywood & random zeds revived in barricaded buildings.

Jan 19th 2006, 5 more CMS guys arrive in Roywood, all of the theDEA get revived & many buildings barricaded (+ about 30 other non-DEA humans revived.)

Jan 20th 2006, The Caiger Mall Survivors who left to Giddings Mall failed to play a big part in the holding of the Mall. Most of them died in and around Giddings. Only a few were able to revive locals and helping with the overall evacuation when it came to barricading and healing.

Jan 22nd 2006, A new group of CMS people discuss on a break away group from the CMS to help in further operations, since the Operation at Roywood is a big success. Discussions are ongoing to what they should be called. Some of them back at Caiger start meeting eachother in the Comicbook Store on the 2nd Floor.

Jan 24th 2006, South of Roywood is cleared & all buildings barricaded. The suburb is as good as safe again due to the combined power of DEA, future CMS-Meta and a large group of other Survivors

Jan 28 2006, Discussions among the breakaway group are finalised & a voting system for the new name is formed.

Feb 1st 2006, after 3 weeks, the CMS guys in Roywood return to caiger to prepare for the Mall Tour. They reunite with their other friends who stayed at Caiger during the Roywood Mission. At this time many new group names are summed up, one name more bizar then the other. Having a Comicbook Store as a base of operations wasn't helping the voting process.

Feb 2 2006, Discussions are ongoing about clearing out zed controlled buildings around Caiger, and barricading them to create a buffer between the coming danger from the South and the Mall. Meanwhile, the Caiger Mall Survivors who fought a lost cause at Giddings Mall, slowly return to Caiger Mall licking their wounds. They were just in time for the 'Naming' meeting,.. and the grand opening of the latest Zombie World® Comic,..issue 23,.. still wrapped in plastic. The last one to ever come out as the writers state in the closing page of the Comic..
The end of a genius Comicbook series but the beginning of something greater.

Current Operations

Apr 17th 2006: Well,. seems that Operation Izzy's was changed into Operation YT (Yeandill Towers). Our new goal is to make that building into an Indoor revive point and keep it that way.

May 1st 2006: Operation Eastonwood has now started, we are helping our friends the WarSeers re-take some parts of Eastonwood.

May 12 2006: A call for help was recieved from Giddings Mall, many CMS-Meta went down under to help their fellow Mall Rats out.

.: ZombieScientist's Reports :.

Current Mall Headcount: 934 (-40 from previous) [05-11 13:01 GMT] (no adjacent buildings counted)
Current Survivor Headcount: 1123 (+10 from previous) [05-11 13:01 GMT] (all adjacent buildings counted)
Current Headcount in the Latrobe Building: 121 (-15 from previous) [05-11 13:01 GMT]
Scan from the Latrobe Building NecroNet: 1 Zombie (-4 from previous) [05-11 13:01 GMT]
(All Reports From: ZombieScientist- Level 25 Scientist)
--Last UpdatedAZK CMS-MetaAoG 02:27, 29 June 2006 (BST)

Recent CMS-Meta News

September 2nd 2006 CMS-Meta move into Eastonwood for the second time to fight off the EF

August 6th 2006 CMS, CMS-Meta, and friends have won once again Seige 2.5 is over as the zombies all leave.

July 22nd 2006 Caiger Mall Enters Seige 2.5 we need help NOW massive PK attacks and about 200 zombies are attacking the mall all at once.

June 4th 2006 The new Giddings Siege is claimed as a victory for the Survivors. The Shining Ones openly admitted defeat and travelled on. It's obvious CMS-Meta ally AoG prevailed, and CMS-Meta is content they made a difference this time. CMS-Meta is watching The Shining Ones, and will be on point when they strike again elsewhere. They decided to stay at Giddings for now cleaning up the area. Many survivors still need to be revived, and many Ferals to be killed.
In the meantime another CMS-Meta Black-Op team is still operating near Dunell Hills doing Cading Runs into this Feral invested area and partaking in Revive Ops,.. aiding their allies, the DHPD

May 19th 2006 Many CMS-Meta went down under to aid Giddings Mall since The Shining Ones and many Ferals came knocking on their doors. All available help is needed there and CMS-Meta has been advertising pleas for help at Caiger Mall and around Malton for the past week. Some CMS-Meta members feel unhappy that many people with Caiger Mall Survivors in their group tag have not responded to the Giddings siege. These members feel that CMS could be doing more to help alleviate concerns that the group does not do enough to aid others around the city. Said one CMS-Meta member: "What the hell are so many Caiger Mall Survivors doing in an area, like Caiger Mall where there's hardly any Zed activity, while our brothers and sisters are fighting a right cause over at Giddings??" Other CMS-Meta members find CMS's lack of response more understandable as many of its members do not actively metagame, while others may actually already have an alt in the Giddings area. These CMS-Meta members cite the creation of CMS-Meta itself as an act by those members of CMS who do metagame to become more involved in the city as a whole. CMS-Meta continues to have strong connections with the Caiger Mall Survivors, but also acknowledges that the more help CMS is able to offer others in need, the more our friends and allies will be willing to respond if Caiger Mall gets attacked again in the future.

May 12th 2006 A call for CMS-Meta to help out at Giddings Mall is received. Some members have been there for the past couple of weeks gathering intel.

May 10th 2006 YT seems to be in perfect condition, thank you everyone who has helped, De-Cade and revive the people inside ^_^

May 1st 2006 Seems occassional greifers have been going around barricading YT upto Very heavily if you are in the area and you see YT's cades up PLEASE help us out by de-cading the building. TY EDIT: Operation Eastonwood has now started, we are helping our friends the WarSeers re-take some parts of Eastowood

Apr 21th 2006 Operation YT has been an over all success so far

Apr 17th 2006 Well seems that Operation Izzy's was changed into Operation YT (Yeandill Towers). Our new goal was to make that building into an Indoor revive point

Apr 15th 2006 After almost 3 weeks of aiding DHPD, maintaining Revive Locations and doing nightly street-sieges to clear buildings of Zeds and cading the opened Buildings to VS+3, the Black-Op CMS-Meta Team has returned to Caiger Mall after numerous reports of unjust PK'ing and Rev Point Griefing at St.Izzy. CMS-Meta came together in their HQ on the 2nd Floor -> Caiger Comics, and made plans for their next operation. This operation was baptized as "Operation Open Izzy". St Isidore's Church will be an Open Revive Point soon. The deadline is Wednesday the 19th of April. Before that time CMS-Meta will speak to the residents and will spraypaint this info around St Isidore's Church. Also they're pleading to leave one corner of Caiger Mall at a permanent VS+3 so that less fortunate Survivors can also enter the Mall to loot the stores and grow stronger faster. More information will follow soon.

Apr 1st 2006 The Special Op teams have settled on two undisclosed locations near Dunell Hill. Several succesfull Revive Missions have been undertaken and many survivors, including a fair number of DHPD members, walk the streets again. At this moment Revive Locations in Dunell Hill and Peddlesden Village are cleared of present Rotters involving CMS-Meta's Meat Bait tactics. DHPD Swinnerton Square Precinct aka Swinnerton Square Police Dept [3, 23], also Edmund General Hospital [4, 28], has been taken back from Zed Hands, more will follow moving South.

Mar 27th 2006 CMS-Meta is actively arranging Ops to get active in and around Dunell Hills by tagging and speaking to the survivors still at Caiger. Hopefully ULC and the other Caiger groups will soon act accordingly. Also many cries for help have been heard from DHPD members visiting Caiger the last few days. At this very moment several CMS-Meta's are at undisclosed places in Dunnel Hills. Meanwhile others are stocking up on Ammo, Fak's and Syringes to join the battle very soon.

Mar 25th 2006 Operation "Two fingers up" is aborted.

Mar 20th 2006 The CMS-Meta, forces still at caiger mall, decide to goto Dunnell Hills to help protect their allies the DHPD.

Mar 18th 2006 An evac has been called at Fort Creedy. Any CMS-Meta at fort creedy leave, within a day or 2 to goto Giddings Mall. The rest of the CMS-Meta, that where stationed at Hildebrand Mall, meet up at Giddings Mall & get drunk on cheap beer & wine.

Mar 14th 2006 After further discussions with the friend of the DHPD, CMS-Metas assistance is no longer required. The reason was because the ally made a team of 4 other people. When the 5 members base got broken into by zeds, a battle commenced, leading to all the team being wiped out. The allied team dispersed as zeds, to unknown whereabouts. The ally only had 2 of their urban dead ID's & couldnt remember the other ID's or names 2 peoples names. After looking at the 2 guys ids that he had, they where alive, somewhere. This could have taken more than a week to find these 2 people, so it was decided that no further cms-meta help could be used.

Mar 13th 2006 A CMS-Meta member meets up with a friend of an allied DHPD member to ask what is required. 4 Other CMS-Meta members decide to come along for the ride.

Mar 13th 2006 CMS-Meta Decide that their forces should leave tynte mall, to be deployed nearby. CMS-Meta split their forces between with a few staying inside protecting Fort Creedy, while the majority stock up on supplies at Hildebrand Mall & the nearby NT building.

Mar 13th 2006 A call for help, from an allied DHPD member, on the cms forum is requested.

Mar 09th 2006 Operation "Two fingers up" commences.

Mar 08th 2006 The RRF take over tynte mall for a few hours, killing every human inside. After many hours of fighting, the zeds are cleared out & the mall is back in human hands. The zeds try & re-take the mall for the next couple of days.

Mar 01st 2006 6 of CMS-Meta's forces arrive to help out at the siege of tynte mall by some of the RRF & ferals, with a further 4 coming the following week.

Feb 28th 2006 After doing what they could in Roftwood a decission has been made to not goto Stanbury Village, but to help out elsewhere.

Feb 24th 2006 The pwotters are in the north west part of Roftwood where they are killing everyone in site.

Feb 23th 2006 During the first breach of the SE corner of the caiger mall today one of the CMS-Meta's lost a small little booklet containing family pictures. The booklet contains wedding pictures and children playing on the Playground of Custard Lane School [19,24],.. if anybody finds these it would be appreciated if they were returned to the Comic Book store on the 2nd Floor.

Feb 21st 2006 A few CMS-Meta guys arrive at or are already at Hildebrand Mall Roftwood to stock up on supplies.

Feb 20th 2006 CMS-Meta make a decision to send help at Stanbury village.

Feb 20th 2006 The hunt on known Zergers is still one of the top priorities for CMS-Meta, but some Zergers were spotted returning to Caiger. They are given the benefit of the doubt for now. If any of their other Characters are spotted all of them will be killed again.

A new trend is spotted amongst the PK'ers, many Healers seem to be getting killed the last few days. CMS-Meta advices the Caiger Mall Survivors to stop thanking healers by name to ensure their safety.

Feb 16th 2006 Killed 11 known Zergers inside Caiger Mall & the surrounding buildings. These people where warned, 2 weeks ago, to keep their characters seperate.

Feb 4th 2006 to 15th Many buildings away from the mall are cleared of zeds & barricaded by CMS-meta. These buildings are subsequently re-taken by zeds.

Feb 3rd 2006, Poll is finished & "CMS-Meta" is formed. A few CMS-Meta's were seen drunk and misbehaving around the fountain in the main hall that night. The other CMS-Meta's apologize profusely for this, and guarantee this will not happen again.

Discussion History

IWM Conflict

Due to the Imperial War Machine's continued incursions into Roywood in search of DEA operatives (who also happen to be our allies) and their continued use of propaganda in the wiki.(All over the Roywood and Dakerstown articles.) As well as their continued policy of Pking level one players in Dakerstown, F.R.E.E.Z.E. has formally declared war on the Imperial War Machine. We do not expect your assistance in this regard however any help provided would be appreciated. I do not expect this to affect you guys too much, I just felt it would be good to inform you as a curtsey. Kripcat 12:43, 15 March 2006 (GMT)

A Message from CMS (Sorry it's late)

Great warriors, soldiers, medics, and scientist alike; allies who were, are and will bravely defend the mall, listen to me. The mall has been under siege now for more then a month and the defenders have done well. The zombies have noticed this as well, and have lost a great deal of hope, trying to reach an unreachable goal. They are tired, and want to leave, but do cannot make up their mind. It is up to us, fellow defenders of all sorts and ages, to help them decide, to help give them a good hard push, send them home, to where they belong. Fellow members of CMS have come up with an effective plan, and would like to call out to all the allies of the mall to aid them in, for this is as a mall for us as it is for you. If you would like to get involved in the plan, please email me ( your Username and your profile link, and I would then send you a password to an account for a forum, on which the plans and discussions are being held. All this is a precaution, in order to prevent complications of zombie spies. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, I would most definitely answer it.

Hope to see you all in the birth of this great plan, MLSGuy (Steven Yu, member of CMS)

Greetings from The Necronauts

from Dog Deever of the Necronauts

Cheers guys, most of us are very new to the game and are trying to settle in. Personally, i'm finding your barricading policy tough. I'm a lvl1 consumer, i don't have free running and have only just found an axe. I cant get into the Mall to stock up on weapons & ammo to raise my XPs enough to get me the free running skill, and some others of our guys are the same. Everytime there is a rot upsurge from Creedy Fort, the weakest players are left to the mercy of them. It also limits how far you can travel because of the lack of VS barricaded buildings in the area. Its a tough place Pitneybank- caught between Creedy and Giddings Maul. We've also had trouble with PKers. It's getting hard to find decent shelter but we're survivin'! I'm sure other Necs will speak for themselves when they discover this section!

you need skills like Shopping before you can really find anything in the malls so your not missing much. also we follow the UBP barricading policy set-up by the DEM--AZK CMS-MetaAoG 22:42, 10 May 2006 (BST)

Salutations to you too

DISCOVERED! We've just been getting to our feet and we're completely disorganised at the moment. We're just building up AP to make us a bit more of a force to be reckoned with. I reckon our numbers will also be dropping to a more managable number over the next few weeks. The Peppardville, Pitneybank and Spracklingbank suburbs have been hard work, but its starting to feel like home. How do we update the wiki suburb map? It has been essential in our early days. - Brian McClair

what exactly are you trying to change.. I cna help you since I know the wiki format but I need you to be more descript --AZK CMS-MetaAoG 22:43, 10 May 2006 (BST)

Intel needed

Do you know anything about the group E.C.H.O.? I've seen them around in Pitneybank, and thought they were with the good guys, however, recently one of our group was out hunting Rots for XP and was attacked by one of their operatives. Our member cannot recall having done anything wrong- i had noticed that E.C.H.O. were a 'Black Ops' group. Do you have any further info on these people? The attack didn't do much damage- but that isn't the point. Dog Deever, Necronaut

how much damage did he do exactly?? if it was just a punch then just let it go... if it was more like a shotgun blast then thats different. We have no intel of these guys right now but I'll gladly try to find out more things about these guys for you --AZK CMS-MetaAoG 22:44, 10 May 2006 (BST)

Call for A Caiger Mall Survivors Response to The Big Bash

In light of the Big Bash and the fall of most of Western Malton numerous survivors call for the immediate reactivation of the Caiger Mall Survivors. This would include the removal of all obsolete information on the main CMS page to the appropriate history pages and the resumption of recruiting, diplomacy, and defensive and offensive activities. Come on guys, it's time we got our heads in the game. After all (and perhaps now more than ever), Caiger Mall is Where it Stops...

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