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It all began on a balmy summer day in May of 2010. An unremarkable day likely, and members of CORAM were probably doing nothing but giving random public speeches over the EBS, hunting the flavor of the month PKers, or just relaxing at Mester Arms and laughing giddily at CORAM's giant panda mascot. It wasn't even all that remarkable when a fellow by the name of VonGoldawesome waltzed in. Well it may have been somewhat remarkable. There were a few questions about zerg abuse at the time. One of the original members of CORAM, Sasso VonGoldawesome has a very similar name and others were curious.

It was soon sorted out that Sasso was not zerging and that he seemed to have picked up an admirer, although impostor would soon seem to be a more fitting label. VonGoldawesome would come and go and generally not cause too much trouble for a time. Soon after though, some graffiti was written, a few nasty words were exchanged and things escalated a bit. Gradually, more imposter accounts started to show up. Asso and Crasso VonGoldawesome were next; obviously the guy was trying to push some buttons. Next came Zerger VonGoldawesome, whose rhetoric was full of accusations that Sasso was a Zerger. The irony was not lost on CORAM.

At this point, the term VGA was coined and all except for the original Sasso were put on a the KOS list. The VGAs couldn't get near The Coram Building without getting put down for dirt naps. Between June and August of 2010, scores more VGAs were created and sent to The Home of The Noble EBS. The VGAs never really did much to us. They would come inside, spray Asso is a God over our graffiti, pester Sasso and then die. The bodies piled up outside.

This went on for the rest of the summer and then trickled off. We still got visits from them from time-to-time but not with as much frequency and we had other troubles to worry about. They were taken off KOS and were mostly just ignored. This time of uneasy peace lasted until mid to late fall. That's when the dead ones outside began to rise.

These were (and still are) level one zombies. No not zombies, undead humans with no zombie skills to their names. It's surprising that they were able to break the cades down at all...but they did. Repeatedly. During November and December, The Coram Building saw as many break-ins as it had in all it's post-apocalyptic history. Break-ins happened almost daily. It happened in the blink of an eye. The asshat controlling these zerg was fast...fucking fast. 15 zombie zergs pounding at the doors. CORAM spent most of it's time cading, only to have them brought down and masses of the undead VGAs spill in in a matter of minutes. It seemed to have defied the mechanics of the game.

CORAM spent Christmas of 2010 away from its beloved home with a promise to return on New Year's Day for blood. It was hoped that the time spent away would allow the VGAs to idle and the building could be reclaimed easily. The CORAM Building and surrounding locations were reclaimed that first week of 2011. The VGAs were cleared out The EBS brought back online. And then we waited. We didn't wait long. VGA came on with a fury. New accounts were created and it was revealed that other accounts, ones that had been hiding among us for some were also for the VGA cause. Foxtrot Kilo, Smarty McShotgun, Wingless Wignut. All changed their group affiliation to VonGoldawsome and began their steady attack. CORAM fell, then Mester. One by one the buildings surrounding Coram began to fall to the VGA scourge. Worse still was that all the undead VGAs were picking up the attention of ferals. How tempting to ferals do you think it was to see 15 zombie standing in a single block, then 20, then 25? It was a sark week for sure for CORAM.

The rest of the story is waiting to be told. If you're reading this, it's hoped that you will be a part of its telling. The VGAs have now been zerg listed and a call to zerg hunters has been placed. This page was created to help document the story and also to be used as a tool for hunters. The VGAs must die.


VGA uses speed as his primary weapon. Once he has broken down cades he will enter the building using one of his Memories of Life alts. Within minutes, he has moved many of his alts into the building, effectively meatshielding and preventing cades being lifted. Whether by design or by luck, he also relies pretty heavily on feral involvement. He stands lots of alts in one block (usually right outside the building he wants to attack) which is a huge incentive to passing ferals. The ferals most likely do a lot of the heavy lifting attacking the cades. Once inside the building, VGA actually does very little attacking except to the cades. His goal seems to be having the doors open at all times. It's really the ferals that pose the biggest danger to survivors inside.

Living VGAs are often placed inside buildings as spies or to spread rhetoric. VGA loves to spray graffiti. Asso is a God is a favorite for graffiti. The point it seems is to further incense CORAM. Spies are likely used to pick target buildings. Wherever CORAM goes, VGA tends to show up.

There doesn't seem to be a consistent time at which the break-ins occur. CORAM has tried to decipher a pattern so that they could be more prepared for the attacks but this tactic hasn't seemed to matter much. When VGA wants to get in, he usually does.

Known VonGoldawesomes

Zerg Name Join Date Comments, Kills etc.
Amber VonGoldawesome 2010-06-21 19:35:38 idle
Anti VonGoldawesome 2010-08-25 16:43:52
Asso VonGoldawesome 2010-05-03 06:34:42 idle
AssoVonGoldawesome 2010-08-29 18:02:46 Memories of Life
Bacon VonGoldawesome 2010-08-30 05:36:26 Memories of Life
BadBoyVonGoldawesome 2010-05-29 06:54:37 idle
Bon VonGoldawesome 2010-06-29 00:40:45 idle
Conan VonGoldawesome 2010-09-06 18:02:32
CrassoVonGoldawesome 2010-05-25 05:49:39 idle
Dank VonGoldawesome 2011-01-05 16:07:53
Doctor VonGoldawsome 2010-12-10 02:15:16 idle
Funky VonGoldawesome 2010-08-26 04:24:33
Goldy VonGoldawesome 2010-08-10 01:47:31 idle
GrampiVonGoldawesome 2010-11-12 05:17:17
GrampyVonGoldawesome 2010-07-01 01:56:50 idle
Hanky VonGoldawesome 2011-01-05 16:01:27
MightyVonGoldawesome 2010-06-29 15:30:38 idle
Mr VonGoldawesome 2010-09-16 16:54:09
NosadaVonGoldawesome 2011-01-09 16:07:35
PandVonGoldawesome 2011-01-09 16:10:19
Panky VonGoldawesome 2011-01-05 16:03:30
P K R VonGoldawesome 2010-06-24 15:43:26 idle
Porky VonGoldawesome 2010-08-23 05:40:58
Sally VonGoldawesome 2010-10-08 17:24:37
SassoVonGoldawesome 2011-01-09 16:08:48 [1]
SASS0VonGoldawesome 2011-01-11 09:41:31
Spank VonGoldawesome 2011-01-07 03:37:25
Spany VonGoldawesome 2010-08-30 05:27:41 idle
Trashy VonGoldawesome 2010-05-29 18:40:21 idle
Vampy VonGoldawesome 2010-06-29 00:42:15 idle
VonGoldawesome 2010-04-12 18:50:12 idle
VonGoldawesome Spoo 2010-09-11 01:24:12
Wanky VonGoldawesome 2011-01-05 16:05:28
ZergerVonGoldawesome 2010-05-29 18:39:45
2011VonGoldawesome 2010-12-27 00:26:56

Total: 36

Non-VGA Zergs

These accounts are also working with or are controlled by VGA.

  1. Foxtrot Kilo 306
    Many other Foxtrot Kilo accounts can be found here
  2. Wingless Wingnut
  3. Spanky Do Right
  4. Smarty McShotgun
  5. Inky McPens
  6. charlzzz (created at same day/time as other VGAs and found in same location)

Mass Contacts

This MassContacts list includes all active zergs seen for anyone that is interested. This will be updated periodically as new accounts are found or as old ones idle out. It was last updated 05:50, 20 March 2011 (UTC).

2011VonGoldawesome_#1845269{8}MIAlive, Amber_VonGoldawesome_#1755677{8}MIAdead, Anti_VonGoldawesome_#1784537{8}dead, Asso_VonGoldawesome_#1734701{8}MIAdead, Bacon_VonGoldawesome_#1786763{8}dead, BadBoyVonGoldawesome_#1745490{8}live, Bon_VonGoldawesome_#1758661{8}MIAdead, CrassoVonGoldawesome_#1743861{8}MIAdead, Dank_VonGoldawesome_#1848568{8}live, Doctor_VonGoldawsome_#1837667{8}MIAlive, Foxtrot_Kilo_306_#1744572{8}MIAlive, Funky_VonGoldawesome_#1784780{8}dead, Goldy_VonGoldawesome_#1776895{8}MIAdead, GrampiVonGoldawesome_#1824684{8}dead, GrampyVonGoldawesome_#1759524{8}MIAdead, Hanky_VonGoldawesome_#1848564{8}MIAlive, Inky_McPens_#1726006{8}dead, Lurid_Waste_#1594685{4}live, MightyVonGoldawesome_#1758874{8}MIAdead, Mr_VonGoldawesome_#1795124{8}dead, NosadaVonGoldawesome_#1850022{8}dead, P_K_R_VonGoldawesome_#1756850{8}MIAdead, PandaVonGoldawesome_#1850024{8}live, Panky_VonGoldawesome_#1848565{8}live, Porky_VonGoldawesome_#1783412{8}live, Sally_VonGoldawesome_#1807954{8}MIAlive, SASS0VonGoldawesome_#1850639{8}dead, SassoVonGoldawesome_#1850023{8}live, Smarty_McShotgun_#1596506{8}MIAdead, Spank_VonGoldawesome_#1849130{8}MIAlive, Spanky_Do_Right_#1638004{8}MIAlive, Spany_VonGoldawesome_#1786759{8}MIAlive, TrashyVonGoldawesome_#1745657{8}MIAdead, Vampy_VonGoldawesome_#1758663{8}MIAdead, VonGoldawesome_#1726179{8}MIAdead, VonGoldawesome_Spoo_#1792276{8}dead, Wanky_VonGoldawesome_#1848567{8}dead, Wingless_Wingnut_#1802347{8}dead, ZergerVonGoldawesome_#1745656{8}dead,

Musings and Observances

Zerg rush.png
An artist depiction of a typical VGA zerg rush on CORAM. The Coram Building and The Mester Arms are depicted here.
Template created by Tohrurokuno 9 Jan 08 Friends Don't Let Friends Zerg
This user and/or group is opposed to the use of Zergs and multiple character abuse, and reserve the right to publicly humiliate those who do.

VGAZERG.png VGA 3-28-11.png

A Brief History of Breaches

The following is a chronicle of events that happened in December 2010 and Janurary 2011 told through the use of Danger Reports of The Coram Building.

  • Here, we had just recovered the building from MOB.

Mall-under attack-small.jpg

The Coram Building
all good
--    : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : 14:30, 2 December 2010 (UTC)
  • Over the course of two weeks we dealt with multiple VGA break-ins.

Mall-under attack-small.jpg

The Coram Building
ZERG RUSH!!1!11! KEKEKEKEKE Zergs have brought down the cades for the umpteenth time. This time they've all spilled in at once and keep making a general mess of things. CORAM and allies do what they can to keep em at bay.
--~Vsig.png 00:14, 17 December 2010 (UTC)
  • Later that day it was decided that we would abandon the building to return on New Year's Day.

Mall-in zombie hands-small.jpg

The Coram Building
Coram has been abandoned to its fate.
--Chlornaphazine 03:23, 17 December 2010 (UTC)
  • We returned the first week of 2011 to fight the zerg army...

Mall-under attack-small.jpg

The Coram Building
always under attack, daily zerg breaches, otherwise, safe, comfortable and wonderful
--    : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : 19:25, 3 January 2011 (UTC)
  • a battle that lasted many days.

Mall-under attack-small.jpg

The Coram Building
A fierce resistance to the VGA's has erupted. Many zombies dead.
--Chlornaphazine 06:47, 6 January 2011 (UTC)
  • We were eventually forced from the building once more.

Mall-in zombie hands-small.jpg

The Coram Building
in zerg hands
--    : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : 08:33, 10 January 2011 (UTC)
  • Help arrives and we're able to regain control.


The Coram Building
4 zeds, 6 bodies outside. Caded and lit by CORAM. Remember to keep an eye on the EBS broadcasts at 25.92 MHz.
LEMON #1 12:19, 14 January 2011 (UTC)