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Survivor Tactics
The information on this page or section discusses a survivor strategy.

Combat precision revivification (CPR) is a tactic used against hordes that consist mainly of zombies that have little to no survivor skills. CPR is useful in that it can be effectively used to combat zombies that are outside, where killing them would be next to useless.

The Procedure

What the procedure looks like to an outside observer.
  1. Find a candidate. Avoid tall buildings which are at or below very strongly barricaded.
  2. DNA Scan.
  3. Add them to your contacts list (color-mark the profile so that you will recognize it easily).
  4. Revive.
  5. If inside, dump the body.


  1. Naturally you can't do CPR without a zombie. Tall buildings at VSB should be avoided as the recently revived could easily enter and quickly end their life.
  2. DNA Scanning gives you the profile of the zombies and immediately tells if they have Brain Rot. Brain Rotted zombies can only be revived in a powered NecroTech building by a survivor with Necronet Access. Most of the time Brain Rotted zombies are not worth reviving for combat purposes as they often have either all the skills or enough XP to buy them.
    • Combat skills can be used to attack survivors or equipment (radios and generators).
    • Free Running allows zombies to to spy on survivors or quickly return to unlife by jumping off tall buildings.
    • Construction can be used to overbarricade, NT employment can be used to scan the stack to the end and Lab Experience can be used to revive dangerous zombies. All of these are much more rare occurrences than the ones involving combat skills and as such do not pose as large a threat. In general, the fewer survivor skills they have, the better.
  3. Adding them to your contacts list allows you to quickly reprocess them and save one AP if you meet them again. You just have to click the profile to check that they haven't acquired XP or skills.
  4. Should be obvious.
  5. This is important and should be done as fast as possible, especially in tall buildings. If the recently revived can stand up in a tall building before you dump their body outside, they can kill themselves for very few AP by jumping out.


CPR has several advantages over killing zombies:

  • Preparation time for a revive is much shorter than for a kill. A syringe is about as hard to find as a single pistol clip or a shotgun shell, neither of which is even near enough to dispose of a zombie.
  • The only way to dispose of a zombie faster than revival is the shotgun (which has a very long preparation time). If the zombie has Body Building and a flak jacket, a revive (with the DNA scan included) is still the fastest way to dispose of them on average.
  • If the zombie has little or no survivor skills, a revive effectively disables them until they have returned to unlife. In most cases, returning to unlife costs more AP (for them or for the horde collectively) than if they had been killed with Headshot.
  • Syringes can also be used to bring fellow survivors back to life. This means that you're stocking up on equipment that can be used both offensively on the zombies and to help other survivors.
  • Syringes weigh very little. You'll have space in your inventory for other useful items, like FAKs or a back-up weapon for those zombies that shouldn't be revived. With 50% encumbrance worth of syringes, you can dispose of 25 zombies. Compare to the pistol, which can dispose of 14 zombies under absolutely optimal circumstances with the same encumbrance (in realistic circumstances it's closer to 7).
  • Syringes have a constant cost for disposing a zombie. Once you've found a suitable candidate, you'll know exactly how much AP it will take to get rid of them. You can't run out of AP in the middle of the operation because of bad luck.
  • You need only two skills to operate syringes and DNA extractors. A third skill allows you to revive rotters in powered NTs. Compare to the five skills needed to operate firearms at maximum efficency.


CPR also has disadvantages:

  • CPR is only a supplementary tactic. It cannot be used on zombies who could be dangerous if revived. Its efficency towards those with Brain Rot is also very limited.
  • Once the stack is scanned through, there is no way to restart at the beginning. Scanning with no intention of reviving is counter-productive.
  • CPR gives less XP per target than killing.
  • Combat revives are viewed by some as immoral and/or unfair.


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