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Civil Threat Reduction Agency
TriangleCTRA 51.png
Abbreviation: CTRA
Group Numbers: Unknown
Leadership: Unknown
Goals: Reclamation of Malton and Quarantined Zone for External government.
Recruitment Policy: Unknown--Not accepting members
Contact: Unknown

Civil Threat Reduction Agency

The Civil Threat Reduction Agency is an official organization, an element of the external government. As they are a governmental agency headquartered outside Malton, they do not accept members or recruit survivors from within the Quarantined area, although they have, on rare occasion, fallen back on that policy due to thinning numbers. The goal of CTRA is to reclaim Malton for official reasons. After numerous military groups dispatched into the area failed to make it out alive or were abandoned to their own devices within the doomed city, CTRA took over reclamation efforts as of 2009.

CTRA's Biohazard Containment and Reclamation dispatch is active within the city at varied locations, especially close to military compounds or hospitals and other major installations. The CTRA is allied neither to survivors or zombie groups alike; they prefer affiliated only with external and official military and civil organizations. CTRA may coordinate with members of the official military, and their operations are usually backed with government support. CTRA agents are active mainly around southern Malton, as the agency hopes to reclaim these areas, eradicate the Zombie threat, and establish outposts by which the government can retake Malton.

CTRA's presence is not taken lightly, as they can be extremely hostile to lawless or unorganized survivors who get in their way. CTRA's mission has been to reduce biological and nuclear threats to major world nations. As a threat reduction organization, CTRA operatives consider the Zombie Plague destroying Malton to be a threat which must be reduced, if not eliminated altogether.

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