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The CTRA Reclamation Dispatch is the official answer in restoring order to Malton.

For over thirty years now, the external government's Civil Threat Reduction Agency has been protecting the people of the world from internal emergencies, biological, chemical and nuclear hazards, as well as internal instability. This includes emergency management of nuclear disasters, and containment of radiation related risks and crisis.

Since the Great Zombie Outbreak of Malton, the CTRA has given its utmost in control and quarantine of the affected areas. Working together with national military defense forces, CTRA has succeeded in containment of Malton and currently supervises all reclamation efforts. With the force of the army's backing behind us, CTRA has taken full responsibility for control of the Zombie Plague from outside of Malton.

Now it is time to reclaim Malton from its quarantined shell and restore definite order.

Looking for a governmental position in the reclamation?

At CTRA, we are always looking for talented and skilled individuals to serve in medical, administrative, security and operational positions. Contact us and show us you care. CTRA is here for country, government, and people.

Any agents of the CTRA are here for the service of the nation and the government.
Survivors of any level and class or skills are welcome. The CTRA's internal divisions are divided into two parts: the Internal Security Division and the Malton Volunteer Corps. Please note that all CTRA agents will be required to wear a uniform to identify them.

If you are interested contact User:CTRA to sign up, or e-mail the agency at civilthreatreductionagency.gov@gmail.com and help us retake Malton!

You should provide a link to your profile and help us answer the following questions in your application:

  • Can you build a barricade?
  • What class of Survivor are you? (Military, Civilian, Science)
  • Have you ever attacked another Survivor or are a Death Cultist?
  • Are you willing to serve in uniform?
  • Are you a Zombie or currently deceased?
  • Are you armed?
  • Are you a defector or deserter from a Survivor group?

Take a moment to look around our Official Website at http://ctragov.webs.com/ to see more information about the agency.

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