Cade and ruin

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"Cade n' ruin" is an advanced technique of parachuting, mostly for residential zombies who try to defend their home turf. This is a direct counter-tactic to barricade strafing. The product of the successful application of "cade 'n ruin" is also called a piñata.


The objective

To counter barricade strafing and to keep the area unpopulated by living humans. Also it's great to distract free running lanes and confuse or block survivors on their way to find valid entry points.

Skills needed

The most important skill, without which the tactic won't work at all, is Ransack. The zombie should also be able to perform parachuting -- which means Free Running and Ankle Grab are very useful. Construction could be vital, but sometimes the Harmanz did all this for you. The skills of a PKer and some ammo can sometimes be useful to finish the any wounded survivors left inside the building, but they are in no case mandatory.

As with parachuting, this technique is very difficult to execute with Brain Rot.

How it works

The goal is to ruin a building that is barricaded above Very Strong.

When this is done, it becomes impossible for survivors to enter the building without first removing the barricades. Since the tactic requires a building to be void of life before it can be ransacked and ruined, it is nearly impossible that a survivor could hide in an overbarricaded and ruined building. But you should clear the building of any bodies just to be sure.

How it's done

The easiest way is to parachute into an empty building and barricade until you die. Then ransack the building until it's ruined. You can end your turn in the building and enjoy the probably safest location in Malton, or move on to other deeds.

Pro tips

The stronger the barricade the harder it is to recapture the building. It is almost a prerequisite that the building in question be too heavily barricaded for entry from the street.

Make sure you have 6 AP left to ruin the building if you die inside. Ransack alone won't do the trick.

Clear the building of bodies. Revived bodies could later rise and hide inside. Non-revived Bodies could be full-fledged Pro-Survivors that will later attack the barricades from the inside in zombie form.


The first recorded piñata was created on 23rd September, 2007. An iWitness screenshot was taken, and can be seen here.

The first active utilization of this tactic was by Red Rum in Pimbank during late September/ early October '07, culminating in all of Tynte Mall's entry points being closed down. Examples: Pinata at Retallick entry point, Pinata at Lasder entry point

As far as is known, the first zombie group that utilized this tactic on a larger scale to defend their Suburb were the Eastonwood Ferals. After some tests in October '07, they declared "cade 'n' ruin" an official tactic to defend the suburb of Eastonwood from barricade strafers.