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During the Siege of Caiger Mall, some controversy arose based on supposed claims that players on either side were using exploits such as zerging to sway the battle in their favor. Although these claims have not been substantiated, it is considered likely that at least some players attempted to cheat in order to gain an advantage. In particular, there are some reports of some survivors supposedly using barricade drones to reinforce the barricades at Caiger Mall. Most survivor forces do not approve of this behavior, and the suspected cheaters have been asked to leave the mall. Some zombie players have been reportedly zerging in order to bolster their numbers at the site, both with normal zombies and with PKers sent into the mall to attack players inside (Under Dispute, See Discussion page). One particular individual (name will remain anonymous) has confessed to having 24 duplicate zombie characters in the SE block of Caiger Mall, so she/he can log on at any time and spend up to 30 AP attacking the barricades.

One of the posters on the forum, Jonesy, confessed on the forums to be using 7 accounts in the siege on caiger, using one to fight, and the others to revive dead survivors (As many as thirty a day). This has undoubtably severely hampered the attacking hordes, and he has been told, in no uncertain terms, to "fuck off".

"I would move them in to Darvall, check the revive points, revive, then run back. It's much more of a challenge on my AP. Not doing that so much anymore, cause there's a lot of people trickling into those suburbs' revive points." (Comment from Jonesy regarding this)

A list of either suspected or confirmed Zergers that have been seen in the mall (Confirmed will be marked as such):

Further information on those not marked as confirmed would be welcome.

Similar names are not enough sometimes. Often someone will try to alter their names slightly to get the name they want if their first choice was taken. Try to look beyond the name of the characters.

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