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Candyland is the nickname given to Ridleybank by the Gingerbread Men after they took control of it on the 6th of February 2006. The group used a large and complex barricade run to establish barricades over the entire suburb, then chose ove of the buildings as their headquarters. To assist the RRF in finding the survivors in the rebarricaded suburb, and to give the zombies an enjoyable challenge, the Gingerbread Men wrote a riddle that disclosed the location of their HQ when solved. The RRF removed the Gingerbread Men from the suburb by the end of the month.


The Gingerbread Man Riddle


Our tale starts on a warm summer night

The Civil Beautification Project has run its course

In the southeast of the candy land

With the 26th american president as our guide

move to the waters that run nice and sweet

jump to the fairy and dance at her feet

gaze at the building with the floppy white ears

a small bun for all to eat lies here

the mall that wouldn't fall is baking right now

the Drury Lane train is waiting for you

a Christmas drink, lets spread the good cheer

Where The Fat man of Christmas makes his abode, the sign of the men who have taken this Burb!

the rainbow sweets, spread over the curb

under the sun, the umpa lumpa celebrate Here!

the giant dough man teaching his skills

the house of the men who have taken this burb

jamming the airwaves with gingerbread cheer

pop pop pop on this road right here

the leaping animal for all to see

the chocolatey gold of the umpa lumpa's is here

the creature pulling Santa's sleigh

the building we don't want you to see

the place where the big man rest's

his wife's stockpile ready to blow

ah bejesus the call goes out

a refreshing pause on the candy land tour

a place for the man to look at you all

creating toys for you to play with

an Italian eat

a crunchy treat

around around the fuzzy thing goes

the shiny top hall

no packers needed right now

the walk right now is a piece of ****

the sweet not the mag, offering a lift

the man at the fountain in the 'OL US of A

here we stay now, just for tonight, come and find us and BRING ON THE FIGHT


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