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Baker Squad

Baker Squad (aka Baker Company) is the eyes and ears of the Cannonball Crew. In the words of a wise man, Baker "touches the iron and then tells our comrades if it is hot or not." As an organized recon team, Baker Squad has saved numerous lives as well as prevented many headaches. It takes a special type of soldier to set aside the urge to bash zombie skulls in order to tackle intelligence and scouting duties. If you're that type, consider becoming part of Baker Squad.

Suggested skills for members include: Free Running, Construction and all NecroTech skills.

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25 May 2007: Baker Squad enforced the Dewes NT and Hall NT by barricading and supplying generators and fuel. We also departed from our normal duty by killing several zombies and PKers.

5 May 2007: Baker Squad has been engaged at Dowdney Mall in Santlerville.


Baker Squad was reborn in 2006 as an intel squad under the leadership of Master Sergeant Ranjid. Ranjid combined scouting and NT scans and developed a detailed format for intel reports that aided the Command Staff in making many critical decisions.

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