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Charlie Squad

Charlie Squad is currently in the process of being reformed. When finished, Charlie Squad will act as the heavy assault squad for the Cannonball Crew. Charlie Squad will be the advance force to clear out heavily infested buildings, and keep them cleared out long enough for other squads to come and hold the building in siege situations.

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Formed in the early days of the Cannonball Crew's existence, Charlie Squad was originally led by Freedom (aka Jack Freedom). When its squad leader went inactive, so did the squad.

It was revived shortly in 2007 when vito the don (of The Corleone Family fame) joined the Cannonball Crew. The squad was renamed the Corleone Squad while under his command, but vito the don and the mob have since retreated back into the shadows.


To join Charlie Squad, register at our forum and send a PM to squad leader, themonkeyman11, with your request to join the squad once you meet the requirements.


Prospective members must meet the following requirements before being considered for the squad.

  1. Have all firearms skills.
  2. Be a part of the Loose Cannons.


October -- The Cannonball Crew is helping retake Pimbank. Charlie Squad has retaken certain tactical resource points (for security concerns, locations shall remain unnammed) and is in the process of securing the surrounding buildings.--Themonkeyman11 21:04, 19 October 2008 (BST)

September-October 19 -- Sturkie, Chief2, and Zombie Slut Killer join.

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