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Dog Squad

Dog Squad is a Special Forces team. The squad is only known within the Cannonball Crew, is made up of full-fledged Cannonball Crew members only, and is formed on an ad-hoc basis for major operations. The rest of the time Dog Squad members are usually busy with other aspects of Cannonball Crew duties. Dog Squad gives new meaning to the phrase "running with the dogs", 'cos when Dog Squad is on the move, it does so with purpose, speed and with deadly results.

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Dog Squad was formed when Able, Baker and Charlie Squads were all up and active. There were several Cannonball Crew members who did not hold leadership positions in these squads, but liked the idea of working in a compact team in major operations. Captain Tony Blair approved the idea around May 2007 and is the top dog with Master Sergeant Fleurus assisting in the day-to-day operations. Squad members are battle-hardened veterans and someone once noted that Dog Squad was a heavy hitter in terms of experience and firepower, which led to some calling it a Special Forces-type squad.

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