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Survivor Tactics
The information on this page or section discusses a survivor strategy.

Archiving, as this has now been superceded by the new Fort Perryn Defense Force/Policies page. --Mad Dog Munro 04:19, 18 April 2008 (BST)


This page was originally created to help survivors at Fort Perryn in March 2008, following a joint strike by the FPDF and CDF and during the subsequent seige by local zombie groups including the Feral Undead.

It now serves as a guide to the FPDF policies and best practice for survivors looking to help defend the Fort during a seige.

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome - please visit the FPDF discussion page to comment on any aspect of this page, or visit our forum.

Rule 1: Understand the barricading policy

Since 9th April 2008, the following barrciade policy is in effect.

  • Wednesdays and Sundays are designated entry / exit days.
    • gatehouse will be at VSB++ for 24 hours from 00:00-23:59 GMT, to allow entry / exit into the fort
    • all other days, the gatehouse will be at EHB to prevent break-ins
  • armory should be kept at VSB++ at all times - since there is no way to free-run into the armory, and it provides free run access to all other buildings in the fort
  • Infirmary, Storehouses, Vehicle Depot and Barracks are normally kept permanently at EHB++ (although may occasionally be lowered to VSB when the gatehouse is at EHB, to allow access for players without free running)

Note that the Armory must be barricaded no higher than VSB++ since it is not possible to free-run into the Armory. Survivors need ammo.

If you find yourself stranded outside the fort between entry / exit days, use your AP to check on the nearby resource buildings, especially Colgough NT and Malcolm NT for Fort Perryn, or head to a nearby mall to stock up on FAKs and ammo. (Joachim Mall is the closest to Fort Perryn). Then come back on the next designated entry / exit day to get back in.

Updated version of this policy at Fort Perryn Defense Force/Policies.

Rule 2: Sleep in the gatehouse

Sleep in the gatehouse. Wherever possible, when you log off, you should leave you character asleep in the gatehouse.

Why? Since it's the only way into or out of the fort, keeping the Gatehouse secure keeps zombies out of the fort and protects our sources of ammo, FAKs and fuel inside. Each survivor sleeping the gatehouse helps by

  • adding one more pair of eyes to watch the barricades
  • adding one more body that needs to be cleared by the zombies before they can ransack and ruin the building (at which point survivors can no longer rebuild the 'cades - usually the turning point in any seige)
  • increasing the surivor:zombie ratio during a break-in, which helps suvivors avoid problems with 'zombies lurching into your way' while rebuilding 'cades.

The only exception is if you are badly or infected, in which case you should sleep in the infirmary. Note that medics should still sleep in the gatehouse in between checking on and healing folks in the infirmary, for the reasons above.

Rule 3: Spend Your AP Effectively

Do not exit the Fort to kill Zombies. This is an enormous waste of AP and ammo. They will stand right back up for 1 AP, get full HP, then tear your throat out.

Each day, you should instead spend your AP in a way that maximally helps the survivors around you. Please follow this checklist:

First, Barricade the gatehouse

If the barricades are down at the gatehouse, getting them back up is the number one priority even if there are zombies within the fort or the gatehouse itself. Otherwise there is no way to contain the problem and prevent more (or killed zombies) from coming right back in.

Second, Heal

If there are wounded survivors, especially with Infections, they can only begin to help the rest of us once they are healed. Even if you can only distribute one FAK to each wounded survivor, you can cure Infections and help the survivor cause.

Since the gatehouse is the number one priority, focus on survivors in the gatehouse first.

Third, Kill

If there are still zombies within the fort, now is the time to kill them. Since the gatehouse is the number one priority, clear the gatehouse first!

Fourth, Toss The Bodies

Dump all bodies outside the gatehouse as soon as you kill them. If you don't have enough AP to finish a zombie off AND dump the body outside the gatehouse, which costs 5AP and leaves you inside the gatehouse, don't finish him off (unless you are certain that someone else has the AP to do it right away - for example, if you are co-ordinating with other surivors in real time). Leave him for someone else to finish.

Otherwise, the zombie will stand back up for only a handful of AP even if you Headshot him, and receive full HP again. An active zombie with 60HP and 44AP is harder to deal with than a zombie with 1HP and 50AP.

Fifth, Revive efficiently

If you have the NecroTech Employment and Lab Experience skills, head to the nearest NecroTech (NT) building or Revive Point (RP) to stock up on needles and / or revive fallen survivors.

When reviving always ALWAYS extract before revivification. Zombies (rotters and normal undead) pester revive queues and you don't want to waste your needle. DNA extracted zombies can be added to your contacts list, so use this to your advantage. If you don't recognize any allies or friends in the revive queue, simply extract DNA from the top 5 or 10 zombies in the stack. Go through their profiles and see which is the highest level survivor. Add him or her to your contacts list and you will be able to target that zombie specifically for revivification, skipping over any rotters in the queue.

You can also check the DEM revive request tool to check profiles of survivors already at the revive point, and add them to your contact list before arrive, so that you can target them for revivification immediately when you arrive.

Remember - do not attempt to revive unidentified zombies! If the zombie isn't already in your contact list, remember to DNA scan first to ensure you aren't wasting 10AP and a needle on a zombie with Brain Rot, or someone from a confirmed zombie group who as a survivor will be able to climb straight past the gatehouse barricades and wreak havoc inside.

Sixth, Check The Resource Buildings

- If you have the surgery skill, check the infirmary and heal any wounded there. You FAKs will restore 15HP if the infirmary is powered. - Armoury should be kept barricaded at VSB (like the gatehouse; free-running into the Armory is not permitted either). - All other buildings should be kept at EHB, for maximum protection against zombie sabotage following a gatehouse break-in. - Install / refuel generators as needed.

Seventh, Check nearby NT buildings

Break-ins and revives are an inevitable part of any siege, so nearby NecroTech (NT) buildings are crucial to the long term survival of the fort, to ensure a ready supply of needles. Most NT buildings should be kept EHB at all times, and you should make sure you know their locations, and the Revive Points (RPs) that they server. See rules 3 and 4 below for more details.

Eighth, stock up

If you have the Bargain Hunting and Looting skills, and the fort is looking secure, consider a trip to the mall (if it is powered) to stock up. Search rates there will be about twice what you will get in a fort. Otherwise, search in any powered resource buildings inside the fort for useful items.

Rule 4: Get Revived Efficiently

You should know the locations of the revive points in your suburb. If you're killed, shamble over to one and submit your name to the Department of Emergency Management (DEM) revive request webpage.

When you are revived, do not stand up until you have lots of AP. While you're on the ground, a zombie can't kill you again. When you stand up, you're vulnerable, you likely have an infection, and you need to find an entry point pronto. Do not make the mistake of getting yourself revived, standing up with 5 AP left, and stranding yourself on the streets to be zombie lunch again. It sounds obvious, but survivors still make this mistake. Plan ahead and you'll be fine.

Rule 5: Protect nearby NT buildings

Revivification needles are the only strategic item that can not be found inside any of the forts, but they are essential for reviving fallen survivors during any sustained siege. If there are no NT buildings running and powered nearby, any fort will eventually fall. Protect them.

Rule 6: NO Combat Revives

Never, ever, ever combat-revive a zombie. You are wasting AP, giving a zombie an opportunity to spy around the fort and wreak havoc, and you are abandoning the dead survivor who could have really used that needle. What more is there to say: it's stupid, don't do it.

A Final Word

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Have fun!

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