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Ghost Bears

The Ghost Bears came to Malton as a cohesive unit. Although they have extensive combat experience in other arenas, they are still "learning the ropes" in Malton and have joined the Cannonball Crew as a semi-autonomous squad.



25 May 2008: Ghost Squad CONTINUES to be active in the city of Malton, despite.... well oppisition to the contrary. After well 2008 we took a backseat role to General COmabt Squad, and now and days we act like a bunch of old people at a retirement home. We travel around the city solo, doing our thing FPDF or CC tags on, kicking back with a bottle of whiskey in hand. Some believe in the myth of our demise, some say bull, but the point is: Were Ghost: it's what we are, what we do, and where we are..... thats right Bekker got PHILOSOPHICAL!--Dominica 06:51, 18 September 2010 (BST)

25 May 2008: Ghost is spread to hell. Element One: the Peryn Element is spread between a Mall and Peryn, attemptign to retake the fort. Element Two, the Creedy Element is dealign with Pk'ers at Creedy, while the CDF contineus to observe their VSB policy to keep zombies out (nothing personal I've only been kileld a dozen times by Pk'ers in Creedy thru my alt). Element Three, well lets jsut say, they have no brains, and Dominick's busy beign annoying somehwere.

3 May 2008: Ghost is now busy engaged aroudn the City: Part of the Squad is busy at Peryn doing it's duty. That part under Staff Sergeant Tyler Jorgensson is busy in a war with elements of FedCom and the Heathers, both PK'er groups. A second part, led by Corporal Zane Jorgensson is busy up near Fort Creedy, attempting to defend it. They have been attempting to influence the CDF to fix their barriacade policy. A third part is somewhere in the city: this element consists of Corporal Bokker. <-------- Mir'osik

1 April 2008: Ghost Squad now wears Blue Berets and Fort Perryn dog tags. And guess where we're staying for the night?

Another Update: Well considering the inactivity of myself, I recently purchased a computer and began slaughtering zombies again. Renewed by the fact that their commander finally woke up, Ghost Squad responded by killing and tossing a PKer out of a window of the fort and celebrated with massive amounts of beer.

Another random update: In a hilarious move SGT Jorgensson walked outside the fort and confronted an undead in a showdown. The duel lasted two minutes in which the final result was BOTH COMBATANTS DEAD IN THE SAME MOVE! Way to go, Sergeant. However he was able to level up out of it :D Delta Fire team is meanwhile gearing up to go and do some crazy style mission, while Alpha mans the fort, and Beta levels up.

Another update: We made it to Fort Creedy with NO DEATHS!!!! And we found out that EVERYTHING is caded up to EHB. Evil Fort Creedy Defense Force barricade policy!!! :D :P. Side Note: Since the promotion of several people in the CC, we decided to give cases of beer out to them. Congrats to those people!!!

Random plan of noobness: Well I ordered my men to take a count to see who is alive. WE'RE ALL ALIVE!!!! For like the first time ever (Stupid zombie Dom). Anyway, were stocking up on supplies for our next big mission or just so we can waste them at the Hot Gates.

Well: Ghost Squad gets out of a practice in another game, and we find ZOMBIES in the Fort Perryn gatehouse. So I tell my men to barricade and shoot! But there's only 3 of us with guns! So I call my buddies from CWo and they only have about 4 guns amongst them. So we kill about five of the zombies and two are left in the gatehouse. I wake up and find we OVERBARRICADED! LOL

Update: Well besides the bar fight in the Fort Perryn Bar (bruises are stll healing), we celebrated Columbus Day with more drinks and by killing a PKer.

Update: 21 GUN SALUTE TO THE MEN AND WOMEN OF FORT PERRYN!!!! We stayed, we fought and we died, no thanks in part to Team Ratfuck a bunch of Zed spies and traitors to the human cause. As Ghost Squad was almost completely decimated, we're waiting for revivers to show up. And our loyal XO, idiot Dom, decided to jump out of a building to go come down to the Perryn area and help us.

Dom <------- Noob

Update: Well I haven't logged on in a while but I'm updating this now. Ghost Squad ran in circles, but half of us stayed in the fort area, got revived, killed a few zeds and then died again. The other half went to Creedy. Then we lost Daniel Furey permanently to a PKer strike.

Update: Guess who's back?


Nicknames for Ghost provided by Tyler Jorgensson:

The idiots who run around in circles with our heads cut off Squad
Ghost Bear Squad
Cute Cuddly Zombie Food
Bear Squad
And Noob Kings

Suburbs Visited: Aproximately All
Zombies Killed: Aproximately 1,200
Last Updated: 09/01/2011


  • CO: Sergeant Tyler Jorgensson: Original Squad Leader, famous for running his squad around in circles, and posting for them vie the forums.
  • Alexander Carter (Tyler Jorgenssons ALT): Alexander is the founder of the dynasty that would later include Ghost Squad. A retired and decorated soldier, had he still been alive he would be well into his eighties by now, still wearing combat fatigues and carrying his weapons with pride.
  • XO: Second Lieutenant Dominica Bekker: Current Squad Leader, famous for starting out as a zombie class to gain XP, infamous across the city, and the only member of Ghost Squad to receive a medal for Dedicated Service on behalf of the Cannonball Crew. Also Commander of Raven Squad and Fx Squad.
  • Second Lieutenant Zane Jorgensson (Dominica Bekker's ALT) A brother in arms to Sergeant Jorgensson, Zane has served with the Ghost Bears for as long as it's inception. He rose to command the Fort Perryn Defense Force, and successfully held the fort for five months before retiring from the position. Still serves the FPDF in an advisory condition as one of the most decorated Fort Defenders of the current era.
  • Private Darth Swift (Dominica Bekker's ALT) A Hot ass Sith Lord, found her way to Malton. Went on to XO Baker Squad the recon unit, and now spends time wandering the city feeding intel back to the Crew.

  • Private Minoru Katsumoto: Scout extraordinaire, Kat is as psychotic as Dom but the "Dragon" has better aim with a pistol than most.
  • Private Charles Holmes: A military man to the core, this National Guardsman was in charge of Ghost Squad's second element in the days when we had three.
  • Private Strike Lancer (Charles Holmes ALT): the generic soldier he has distinguished himself by personally assaulting the suburb of Havencroft... alone. Probably still does.
  • Private Darman Fett: Our squads original medic, he hasn't improved beyond basic first aid since the old days. Still carries more weapons than medical supplies as well.
  • Private Alvin Davenport: Shot down out of his plane over the city, Ghost Squad lost it's only air support. Resigned to be squad medic we now have two medics and both are horrible. It's amazing we've only lost one member.
  • Private Daniel Hall: A brash young soldier, after begin mentored by an older Wolf Captain he was torn by the mans death in the city. Determined to kill every zombie since, he is probably destined to become the next Ghost Squad Leader should anything happen.


  • Private Daniel Furey: Private Daniel Furey was killed in action late in 2008 in efforts around Fort Creedy. He was buried with full honors in Saint Faustina's Cemetery, presided over by Sergeant Jorgensson and Ghost Squad.


"I want to take some time to edit this and say Hi.

Ghost Squad originally came into Urban Dead with 12 people, from a completly different game ordered here by none other than me, to have some fun. Well we decided to choose Havercroft as our home, which was a terrible idea because the RRF decided to swarm Havercroft. And apparently the Cannonball Crew saw us as a bunch of low level zeds in the area and decided "Yeah XP!" Well I couldn't stand for it and told them come on get along with us we're humans too! SO then they said "Join the Dark Side We have Cookies!" And being a Diabetic and in charge of my squad I said "Hell Yeah!" So we joined the CC.

And promptly spent the next few months running around the city in a Triathalon, with under lvl 10 characters :D Helping out the CC whereever possible.

Anyway, Ghost Bears is sort of a closed membership, but I would like to say if we know you and your a good CC already we might just accept you, And we don't mind taking noobs with us :D

My XO Dominica Bekker is in charge when I'm not available. BTW he's crazier than anyone you know. (He chose to start as a zombie knowing he was part of a human group!)

If you need to contact us directly: firststrikelancers AT yahoo DOT com"

- Sergeant Tyler Jorgensson

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