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News archive of the Cannonball Crew.

September 1 2010

Cannonball Crew and her Allies show our manly strength and superior tactics as we regained Blesley Mall in a planned assault, which resulted in a swift and easy clearing of the Mall. Cheetos and Beer was had by all in celebration. Cannonball Crew and her Allies push forward to control Gulsonside

August 24 2010

Reports in that Hermann Munster, the leader of Clubbed to Death, was given a head shot in the The Perryn Building . Also a CTD raid in the The Wetherall Building was quickly responded to by Able Squad and all raiders were shown the street. The Blesley Mall was lost and the Cannonball Crew ask for any survivors in the area to coordinate on our forum to improve survivor success. A success which is proven with another drop of the suburb danger level of Gulsonside to Moderately Dangerous.

August 23 2010

Both active squads of the Cannonball Crew moved into Gulsonside. The mall was quickly taken by Team Xtreme and our allies D.S. R&D, Knights Templar, and 41st Death Com early in the morning. Later in the day both of Clubbed to Death's sacred clubs of Club Wadman and Club Simpson became securely grasped in survivors hands due to a daring raid by Able and a 101ap repair job done by none other than our own Captain Tony Blair. The Cannonball Crew, and her daring allies of course deserved those hardy hangovers that will be received tomorrow morning from drinking half vodka and half whiskey shots all night.

Operation: Colt Comrades

The Alliance 45 pushes further into zombie-controlled territory. Most of Stanbury Village was rebuilt and the kilt store at Nichols Mall had a grand re-opening sale. The Alliance 45's first mission is to reclaim Roftwood and the Quartly Library.

Alliance 45

The Alliance 45 is a task force made up of a number of survivor groups and was born from the Joint Forum of the New Malton Colossus (NMC). Spearheaded by Tony Blair of the Cannonball Crew as the chief tactical leader and adviser and Leon Silverblood as the chief administrator and coordinator, the Alliance 45 has developed and put into practice innovative strategies and tactics to deal with some of Malton's most hotly contested suburbs.

Colt Operations

All available Cannonball Crew forces (from the most battle-hardened of the elite to the trigger-happy Team Xtreme to the greenest of recruits of the Loose Cannons) have performed admirably in the Colt Operations. We've been tasked with leading the charge in each new invasion and our team has certainly distinguished itself. But none of the Alliance 45's success would have been possible without the man power and muscle of mighty survivor groups such as 41st Death Commandos, Army Control Corps, The Corleone Family, Creedy Defense Force, Malton Rangers, Malton Fire Department, Metal Fox, Paradox, SMUT (Southwest Mobile Tactics Unit), Umbrella Corp, USAI, USSR, and The Zodiacs.

Operation: Harvest Slate

May 2009 - The Cannonball Crew is helping to rebuild Pitneybank—the last stop of Mall Tour 2009—and surrounding suburbs. UPDATE: Harvest Slate has been put on hold for Alliance 45 missions.

Operation: Shining Oasis

The Fort Perryn Defense Force is fighting desperately to regain control of Whittenside.

Change in Leadership

February 2009: Due to having an actual life outside of Urban Dead, the founder and leader of the Cannonball Crew, Tony Blair, has decided to take a sabbatical. A party was thrown at the Fort Perryn Pub where teammates and well-wishers reminisced about their heroic battles and crazy antics. Captain Blair received the fondest of farewells in a huge cake in the shape of a shotgun beside a headless zombie.

Upon hearing the news that he was promoted to Captain and made the new commander of the group, former First Lieutenant Deletion was seen holding his stomach and muttering, "Too much cake and beer. Blarrgh!"

Operation: Mall Tour Defense 2009

January 2009: The Cannonball Crew is currently hauling ass all around Malton defending its shopping meccas against the Mall Tour 2009. Check the whereabouts of the mega-horde and then join us in defending our beloved shoe stores and smoothie emporiums.

Merger with Team Xtreme

October 2008: We are happy to announce Team Xtreme has joined the Cannonball Crew. Team Xtreme is a most impressive group of bounty hunting aficionados and their expertise will greatly help the Crew deal with the PKer threat.

Operation: Captive Ploy

October 2008: The Cannonball Crew is engaged in a rough & tumble battle with zombies over control of Pimbank. We are doing our best to clear, repair and cade as many buildings as we can, but the undead are tenacious in this area. The job is tough, but always fun.

Operation: Razor Wire

September 2008: Battled a tenacious horde of zombies (including the RRF) and helped survivors regain control of Shearbank and Stickling Mall

Operation: Red Tide

August-September 2008: The combined forces of the Cannonball Crew and the Fort Perryn Defense Force (on their first ever road trip) teamed up with the Creedy Defense Force and returned Fort Creedy to its prominent place as a survivor stronghold

Operation: Sentry Cross

July 2008: The Cannonball Crew went on a benevolent mission to perform as many revives as possible in the ravaged suburbs of central Malton. All told, we successfully cured over 100 survivors of their nasty cases of undeath.

Operation: Silent Promise

July 2008: Fought to reclaim Fort Perryn with our allies, the Army Control Corps, Axes High and especially the Creedy Defense Force.

Operation: Lead Vault

June 2008: A high-level mission in which trusted members (LC Soldiers and above) joined the Creedy Defense Force and brought Fort Creedy back from ruins.

Operation: White Smoke

May-June 2008: The Fort Perryn Defense Force recaptured Fort Perryn in a coordinated raid with the Creedy Defense Force and The Fortress.

Operation: Pile Driver

May-June 2008: The Cannonball Crew battled several zombie hordes (including the RRF, Feral Undead and Undeadites) in a month-long siege at Nichols Mall that also spilled over into the Went NT and Ridleybank. We fought alongside many survivor groups including Army Control Corps, Channel 4 News Team, Creedy Defense Force, The Fortress, The Kilt Store, Malton Rangers, Paradox, Phoenix Security Services and Umbrella Corporation.

Operation: Bangarang

May 7 2008: Fort Perryn currently has 225 zombies outside its gatehouse. The dead have arrived. Signed-Abraxaslotus

May 4th 2008: Fort Perryn is still being held in pro-survivor's hands. The Fort Perryn Defense Force's new barricade policy is working very well. Pker and Zombie groups have resorted to poor propaganda tatics in a failed attempt to slander the CC's good name. Signed-Abraxaslotus

Operation: Pile Driver

May 4th 2008: The Cannonball Crew has moved into the heart of Ridleybank. Signed-Abraxaslotus

Operation: Burnt Paradise

April 14th 2008: The Cannonball Crew has been going through some major hardships in the northern suburbs and still continues to push on. The leadership is very proud. Signed-Abraxaslotus

Operation: Iron Lung

April 14th 2008:Fort Perryn has been recaptured by Fort Perryn Defense Force and has been holding strong for the past week and a half against the Feral Undead. A new barricade policy at the fort has taken shape. Signed-Abraxaslotus

Retaking the Forts

February 2008: Fort Perryn is under siege by zombies. They have broken in and taken the infirmary. Clear them out!

December 2007: After losing Fort Perryn in October, the Cannonball Crew along with other groups such as the Channel 4 News Team (C4NT) and Fort Perryn Defense Force retook the fort in a hail of gun fire.

September 2007: The area around Fort Perryn is now also secure and back in human hands. The Fort Perryn Defense Force has merged with us to provide a permanent garrison at Fort Perryn. WE've also has made alliances with local groups like the British Military Corps.

22 August 2007: Fort Perryn is now solidly in human hands. The Cannonball Crew led the first wave and successfully cleared and caded the gatehouse with only four soldiers. 48 hours later the entire fort was secure. We have begun to organize a permanent fort garrison.

August 2007: Due to a recent game update, it is now possible for survivors to retake the forts. Fort Creedy has already been retaken by the CDF and now the Cannonball Crew is preparing to retake Fort Perryn.

Mall Tour '07

21 March 2007: CALLING ALL SURVIVORS AND ALLIES! We fully intend on stopping Mall Tour '07 at Ackland Mall. If you'd like to join us, please proceed there now. We are making preparations.

9 March 2007: We are currently operating out of Ackland Mall and Tynte Mall and making preperations for the Mall Tour '07. All survivors are more than welcome to join us.


22 January 2007: We moved back to reinforce other survivors in Pimbank. We also have continuing operations at Giddings Mall and in Miltown. If you're in those areas and wish to join up with us, please visit the Loose Cannons to find out how.

10 January 2007: We have a Mission Accomplished in Pimbank. We are now moving to two new objectives... Nichols Mall and Giddings Mall. Come fight by our side!

1 January 2007: The Cannonball Crew is working with the Tynte Mall Union in cleaning up Pimbank. We also have a small attachment of men at Caiger Mall overlooking its defenses. The Cannonball Crew is also working with its new ally, the Josephine's Generals, in the cleanup of southwest Malton. Happy New Year, everyone!

Operation: Shacknews

11 December 2006: The Shacknews horde's next target is the suburb of Pitneybank and its historic Giddings Mall. The Cannonball Crew and Loose Cannons have moved to Giddings and set up combat operations in and around the mall. The Loose Cannons are looking for new members that have the smarts and the guts to be members of the Cannonball Crew. Sign up at our forum (in Roll Call) and join us in battle, we would be honored to have you fight by our side.

25 November 2006: The Shacknews horde is heading to Shearbank. We've already moved to Stickling Mall to organize the resistance. If you're a survivor, please visit our forum so we can coordinate efforts! If you're already part of a group, please drop us a line and let us know you're in the area so we can coordinate. Also, combat operations are continuing at Tynte Mall.

Update: We helped hold the Whippey NT for a week. But when it fell, everyone fled and we held Stickling Mall as long as we could.

Operation: Glorious Shield

30 August 2006: After The Big Bash left southeast Malton, the Cannonball Crew and Loose Cannons moved back down to help rebuild. First stop: Mitchem Mall in Vinetown. We cleared the mall and are holding it, but the zombie horde outside is growing.

The Battle of Blackmore

5 November 2006: On the 5th of November, the Cannonball Crew re-entered Ridleybank and helped capture and hold the Blackmore NT Building.

August - November 2006: The Cannonball Crew fought the first Battle of Blackmore and died with the rest of the NMC when Shacknews attacked out of no where.

Operation: Trident

9 August 2006: In the aftermath of Giddings, the Cannonball Crew has begun Operation Trident. We have retaken Hildebrand Mall, Tynte Mall, and Nichols Mall. Those three malls form the trident and the target is Ridleybank itself. This is not a continuation of the previous invasion of Ridleybank. Too much time has passed and there was a mall siege. Also, the previous Ridleybank invasion was more a diversion. But this is the real deal.

Invasion of Ridleybank & Barrville

1 August 2006: Human positions in Havercroft, Barrville, Ridleybank, and Pimbank were overrun when The Big Bash came through. The Cannonball Crew retreated to Giddings Mall, where we successfully defended it against the zombie horde.

2 July 2006: The battle for Barrville appears won. Almost every building in the neighborhood is in human hands. Despite their best efforts, the RRF seems unable to take a single NT building or PD.

The real invasion is in Barrville. The Barrville Coalition, made up of roughly 300 fighters from the Cannonball Crew, Channel 4 News Team and other groups have decided to retake Barrville. The Ridleybank op was moderately successful as a distraction and now all troops are being focused in Barrville.

23 June 2006: A disagreement between Koppie and Sonny Corleone over whether the Cannonball Crew were actually in Ridleybank escalated, including several competing edits to this page, and was eventually solved by arbitration. The truth is that the Cannonball Crew operation was in fact a trick to lure the RRF into defending Ridleybank instead of Barrville. Only a handful of Cannonball Crew members entered the Pitneybank, but along with unaffiliated survivors and a mystery group who prefers not to be named, survivors were able to barricade a good portion of the suburb. In recent days zombies have begun to take the barricades down and the Cannonball Crew is pulling out.

At the beginning of the operation, the Cannonball Crew released the following message:

The Ridleybank Resistance Front (RRF) participated in the Ackland Siege. When they lost, the Cannonball Crew believed they were weakened and that the time was right to strike back. The Cannonball Crew, along with the Ridleybank Assault Team, mobilized to attack the RRF's home territory of Ridleybank. It has been a long time since Ridleybank was in human hands, but the Cannonball Crew believe the time is right to take it back.

Ackland Siege

Beginning in May 2006, the Cannonball Crew moved to Giddings Mall and Ackland Mall, helping to keep both in human hands. The Loose Cannons were formed at Ackland Mall. On June 13, 2006, the Cannonball Crew declared victory at Ackland Mall.

Caiger I and Caiger II

The Cannonball Crew participated in both the First Siege of Caiger Mall and the Second Siege of Caiger Mall. During Mall Tour '06, the Cannonball Crew made a stand at Ackland Mall, slowing the Tour down significantly and giving Caiger more time to prepare. After Ackland fell, the Cannonball Crew engaged in harassement tactics against the Tour before finally falling back to Caiger. Members were known to sleep in Pagram Library even though it was considered very dangerous.

The Fort of Doom

One of the last missions of the Council of Leaders (original). The Cannonball Crew created a 23-square-block fort in the northeastern corner of Dulston and defended it for several weeks. During this operation, the Cannonball Crew successfully defended against attacks by The Many, the infamous Kiddie PKers, and PKer Team Scourge.

Club Veal

Club Veal was an early safehouse that fell under heavy attack by zombies. Survivors made a request to the Council of Leaders (original) for backup. The Cannonball Crew responded to the call, but as they traveled to the club, the unit became trapped by the first of Malton's well documented catastrophic storms (server overloads) for the better part of a week. By the time they were able to make it to the club, it had been nearly destroyed. The unit rescued a handful of the club's residents who managed to live out the storm and the operation became one of the earliest examples of a long distance rescue mission.

Derryman Plaza Police Department

Was the Cannonball Crew's first official rescue mission and was conceived as test mission for the new unit. The Council of Leaders (original) had not bothered to contact the proper command authority of the Cannonball Crew and, as a result, the unit was thrust into service too early. The Cannonball Crew's new base had been operational for less than 48 hours and many of its members had yet to arrive on scene. Despite this fact, two veteran members were able to respond to Derryman Plaza and secure the police department in less than 24 hours from receiving the orders.

A fair amount of controversy occurred as a result of this operation, because the Cannonball Crew had neglected certain orders to kill all zombies in or around the building. In its defense, Tony Blair (leader of the Cannonball Crew) stated simply that the Cannonball Crew did the best that it could under the circumstances and that some sacrifices had to be made. While some councilors like Officer Daxx believed that the Cannonball Crew had fought well and exceeded their expectations, others felt that the Cannonball Crew had neglected its mission. The dispute was only settled when the Tony Blair announced that his team was an independent unit composed of volunteers and that while they would still accept requests from the COL, they would no longer accept orders.

The Beginning

The Cannonball Crew dates back to July of 2005, when a group of three American soldiers each having special recon training (Free Running), worked together to defend the Felix General Hospital in Eastonwood. Although the group was vastly outnumbered and successful barricade techniques did not exist at the time, the soldiers were able to defend their safehouse by employing regular patrols and hit & run raids. One of the soldiers began to refer to the trio as the "Cannonball Crew," because they struck fast and hard like a cannonball and were much more mobile than their larger counterparts. At this time the unit -- which still had no official name -- also started to respond to the numerous rescue flares sent up in their area and helped to save countless lives.

The official formation of the group occured in mid-July of 2005 at the same time as a movement that was growing in the streets of Malton. Citizens everywhere were fed up with the countless acts of random violence committed by PKers and started to push a new form of centralized leadership to combat the problem. This movement led to the birth of the Council of Leaders (original) and the Cannonball Crew signed on as the COL's first military unit.

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