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Pimp Legion of Doom (Retired)

The Pimp Legion of Doom (PLD) was the heavy assault squad within the Cannonball Crew. They excelled at quick mobilization and heavy combat and went to battle in numerous real-time raids.

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All other news and events are classified or I haven't got around to posting them.

20 August 2008: Due to most members of the Pimp Legion of Doom leaving the group, Sergeant First Class themonkeyman11 and Captain Tony Blair have agreed that it would be in the best interests of the Cannonball Crew to retire the PLD. SFC themonkeyman11 will be taking command of Charlie squad.

14 August 2008: A sad day in the history of the PLD. Sergeant First Class Sacrenough, the last remaining found of the group, has been lost in battle. the remainder of the squad continues to battle with the Cannonball Crew against the undead.--Themonkeyman11 21:23, 18 August 2008 (BST)

1 August 2008: the CC has started the joint OP:Red Tide with the CDF to reclaim and make secure both forts Creedy, and Perryn.--Themonkeyman11 21:23, 18 August 2008 (BST)


There are a few requirements to join the PLD.

1. Achieve all firearms skills, and free running.

2. Be a soldier in the Loose Cannons.

3. Be active at least 3 days a week.

See our forum for more information.


The following contains In Character accounts from themonkeyman11s records of the group.

The Foundation

The formation of the Pimp Legion of Doom occured on a crisp Friday afternoon a week or two before the outbreak. the three founding members (Sacrenough, Clubinator and xxxflarexxx) drank obsene ammounts of coca cola (the nector of the gods), and thought of names to call their group of zombie outbreak prepared friends. Several names for the new group were thrown on the table. Names included the Sponge Bow Ties, Riders of Theli, Canadian Coca-Cola Addicts Anonymous, Explodie Missiles, and many more. But when Sacrenough shouted out "pimp legion," something stuck. After hours of debate on some way to spice up the name, Clubinator blurted out "of doom". When the group united in Malton after the zombie outbreak, this was the chosen name.

The First Era

The PLD has participated in most, if not all, of the CC missions that have taken place since we've been around. Not, however, with out causalties.

Clubinator: Fell in battle in the liberation of Fort Perryn (Aug-Sept, 07). Details of exactly how he died are unknown, as he died during the charge, but his body was riddled with bullets. The death is attributed to an unknown PKer.

Graven: Caught unawares when the barricades fell in Dowdney Mall (May 07), he was dragged outside. it is assumed that graven was ripped to pieces, as fellow squad mates found part of his arm with his hit patch on it. rest of his remains presumed to be in the body of various zombies.

Pyro Clause: Date of death is unknown, but guessed at sometime shortly after when the PLD joined forces with the CC. Cause of death attributed to falling from the roof of a building in barreville.

it was in this era of the PLD that Kenegdo and themonkeyman11 joined our squad, making up for at least some of our members lost. for those that were still active, and alive, promotions were had within the CC. all remaining origional members were promoted to the rank of sergeant.

The Second Era the PLD continued to roll with the CC, in a near unstoppalbe force of ass kickery. it was before OP: silent promise, that catastrophe struck

xxxflarexxx: Went down in glory. when a zombie managed to bite this green giant, he smashed his axe into the zombies head and ran into the hoard awaiting outside with his guns blasting. the last anyone saw, he was hitting zombies with other zombies before they finally overwellmed him.

the 4 remaining PLD members struggeled on, with a bare bones crew, until OP: Red Tide. we have been relatively successful in this Op, except for further blows to our numbers and capability.

Sacrenough: Sacrenough was killed in one of the break-ins at the gatehouse during Op: Red Tide (aug, 08). He was standing near the barricades, when part of them collapsed on top of him pinning him to the floor. He still had the use of his arms, so when the zombies came through they were met with shotgun slugs from the floor. After a few zombies fell on top of his soon to be corpse, the blast fell quiet. the remaining soldiers dealt with the breach, and cleared away some of the rubble on top of Sacrenough to find that his torso had been run through with a chunk of rebar, and he had bled to death.

with most members of the PLD dead, the Cannonball Crew and I decided to retire the group. I am taking command of Charlie squad.


The Pimp Legion of Doom is nomadic and thus constantly on the move to resolve conflicts at zombie hotspots. We're rarely in the same suburb for more than a month. we do, however, frequent Fort Perryn.


  • Kick some hardcore ass!
  • PKers: We will hunt you bastards down if you harm us or a friendly survivor in our presence. You have been warned.
  • Keep as many survivors alive and inside safehouses as possible.
  • World domination
  • Rebuild the once powerful human Malton


All current plans, goals, objectives, and targets are considered classified or on a need-to-know basis.


The Cannonball Crew - Anyone allied with the CC is allied with us.


Current Enemies:

  • Feral Undead: For endangering the survivor cause and ruining Fort Perryn and surrounding areas.
  • RRF: For endangering the survivor cause and committing genocide.
  • Gore Corps: For PKing and terroristic behavior.
  • LUE: For endangering the survivor cause and terrorising most of Malton.
  • The Second Big Bash: For terrorising Malton, genocide, and endangering the survivor cause.



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