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The Cannonball Crew is currently recruiting. We are looking for new players, experienced players, tall players, and short players. The point is, if you're looking to be a part of something special, become part of the Crew!

For the recruiters, below you'll find advertisements and posters to use in your promotional efforts.


Joining the Cannonball Crew has its share of benefits. You'll always be where the action is and have a team of experienced players watching your back. With greater numbers you become a much more effective survivor. More zombies will be killed, more buildings will be secured and more areas of Malton will be safe.

Information is an important element of the game and as you move up the ranks of the Cannonball Crew, you'll gain access to more information and probably learn more about the game than you ever wanted to know.

Here's how the progression works:

  1. Loose Cannon (new member) - All new recruits are referred to as Loose Cannons regardless of which squad they are in and is an indication of rank, experience and level of access on our forum. It serves as the training ground for new players and the proving ground for veteran players.
    1. The first step to joining is to register at our forum and sign up in Roll Call. Tell us about yourself, include a link to your profile and choose a squad. Your choices include the Loose Cannons, our squad of new recruits who participate in the same missions as the core of the Cannonball Crew, or the Fort Perryn Defense Force, a squad dedicated to protecting Fort Perryn.
    2. Upon signup, you are immediately assigned the rank of Private and you should get into proper uniform. Visit Ranks & Insignia for details on updating your profile and creating your forum signature.
    3. Then participate in missions, be active on the forum and show in battle that you are pro-survivor in every way.
  2. Loose Cannon Soldier (junior member) - When you're ready to make a bigger commitment, ask to be upgraded to a Loose Cannon Soldier (LC Soldier) by posting in the Permission Request Thread. You'll gain access to more intel and tools, become eligible for promotions and leadership positions, and join a more advanced squad filled with other hardworking members.
  3. Cannonball Crew (senior member) - Loose Cannon Soldiers who distinguish themselves by taking on leadership roles, coming to the aid of teammates (in game and on the forum) and carrying themselves properly are then eligible to become full-fledged Cannonball Crew members. This is when you've made it for you'll be among the elite and most trusted members of the group. Key benefits include gaining access to even more intel, having a voice in important matters such as missions and policies, and helping to determine the direction and future of the group.


To further enhance the meta-gaming aspects, the Cannonball Crew employs a military-style rank system (see Ranks & Insignia for more info). Members earn promotions, ribbons and medals based on their participation and performance.

  • Loose Cannons start with the rank of Private.
  • Loose Cannon Soldiers include the ranks of Private, Private First Class, Lance Corporal, Corporal, and Sergeant (Sergeant of the LC).
  • Cannonball Crew members comprise the ranks of Sergeant (Sergeant of the CC), Sergeant First Class, Master Sergeant, and Command Sergeant Major.
  • The Command Staff is made up of the Sergeant Major, Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, and Captain.


TinyURL for the Cannonball Crew:
TinyURL for the Fort Perryn Defense Force:
TinyURL for the Loose Cannons:

Here are some messages you can speak, spray and broadcast. These are merely suggestions, feel free to create your own. Be creative and keep 'em classy.

General recruitment:

"Make it fun again, join the CC!"
"Join the Cannonball Crew!"
"Help rebuild Fort Perryn!"
"Join the fort garrison!"
"Roll with the Crew ~"
"Crush a zombie skull today ~"

Important announcements:

"Entry point, Cades at VSB+2,"

Greeting after performing a revive:

"Welcome back to the world of the living ~"


Recruitment posters can be referenced in your messages to enhance their effectiveness. Use the TinyURLs to link to them.

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