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Caple Library
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Caple Library

Pescodside [99,18]

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Basic Info:

  • Libraries have no internal descriptions.
  • Libraries can be barricaded normally.

Caple Library

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The Caple Library is a library located in the suburb of Pescodside alongside the eastern outskirts of Malton.


None, it's just a library. Go read a book!


All survivors visiting the library would in fact be in contact with the Friends of the Featherstone Library group who hold sway over the libraries of Pescodside. As such, please refer to this group to determine any current partnerships or joint action plans being staged from this library pertaining to the defense of Pescodside.

Barricade Policy

This building should be Extremely Heavily barricaded at all times. This is in accordance with the mutually agreed-upon Pescodside Barricade Plan set forth by local survivor groups and the Dulston Alliance, who routinely work together to monitor that the barricades for this building are at the aforementioned level. This building is meant to serve as a safehouse for Malton's veteran survivors.

Survivors who find the building's barricades below their assigned level are asked to assist in raising them back up in order to help ensure the safety of all the survivors staying inside the building. Any survivor found lowering the barricades may be directly "put to the question" by any member of the Dulston Alliance or a vigilante-minded survivor who catches the culprit in the act. If this happens the accused survivor must present a valid reason for their actions or be labeled a zombie spy/death cultist and be judged accordingly. So always be cautious lest you find yourself summarily executed for crimes against humanity.


Unlike most libraries in Malton, when the Caple Library was opened in 1982 it was not opened to the public. Rather the library was managed by the Malton Research Council. The building served as a repository for all the research materials collected by staff from various public and private projects so that they could be provided to other scientific researchers. The scope of services provided by the library developed over time as an increasing role in electronic information products and services for the science and technology community took hold.

The Caple Library houses one of the country's most comprehensive collections of publications in science, technology, engineering and medicine. MRC Research Press is the library's publishing arm, with 5 international journals of research as well as books (monographs) and conference proceedings.

Prior to the "Malton Incident" over 100 staff members served hundreds of researchers and libraries by responding to their requests for information. The library was well known as a document delivery service provider, and as Malton's largest publisher of scientific journals. These days though the library is empty, but for the research materials that had once been painstakingly collected there. Who knows when the day will be that these resources are put to good use once again?

Noted NecroTech scientist, Caleb Usher, has wanted to visit Caple Library for some time now, but has not found the free time to do so. Kept busy with his usual errands for NecroTech in Pescodside he has had to make do with the library books he has already borrowed while in Dulston.

Current Events

July 8th, 2008 - Zombies have broken the cade 1 inside 3 outside when I left. --Boyd 08:32, July 8, 2008

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