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CWPD crest.jpg

Hey There!

Are you interested in joining the Carner Way Police Department? Have you ever craved an exciting job where you get to kill the living dead and write parking tickets? We're looking for anybody living who supports our cause. We offer generous vacation and dental packages, although there's no way out of the city and I think all the dentists are dead.

We Need

  • Fresh young faces
  • People who actually know what the hell they're doing
    • Medical personnel
    • Engineers
    • People who can shoot straight
  • Anybody else
    • n00bs
    • Door-to-door salsepeople
    • You
  • A transmitter for the station - Check!
  • Fuel for the generator.

Frequency 28.82

Station located at 41,0

Advance Goals

Although our basic goals are to protect the living and fight the dead within East Boundwood, I see a more advanced goal of eventually returning order to all of Boundwood, reactivating all of the police stations and using them as revive points for those who wish to have another crack at life.

We should also attempt to ally ourselves with any and all other survivors in this area, what with strength in numbers and all.

Prospective parameters for observation zone:

Italic areas indicate proposed boundary points

The Malton Suburb of West Boundwood
Exell Cinema Wilkes Boulevard Leaves Avenue Dalley Drive Train Row Police Department the Purt Motel Club Lenton New Auto Repair Madill Towers St. Marcellin's Church
Yeatman Boulevard Fire Station Cribb Cinema Club Gaze Seaward Road Guttridge Park a carpark Lavor Park Pyncombes Plaza Gapper Street Tigwell Street
Jacquet Way the Lombard Monument Club Hannam the Sandy Building the Every Building the Fowle Museum Godfry Street Clement Park Coole Avenue the Hamlin Building
Estlin Square the Dalgliesh Monument
Crost Avenue Dorothey Plaza Police Department St. Andrew's Church a cemetery
Club Cranfield Maskell Plaza the Pepperell Monument the Fowles Museum
wasteland Liminton Plaza the Badman Building Neot General Hospital Bowerman Way a carpark Game Bank a factory the Read Museum Hartleys Lane
the Lax Museum Cowen Road Fire Station St. Ethelbert's Church the Pearl Arms the Overton Museum Ashcroft Way Shire Crescent Bozon Road School the Pridham Building Woolf Park
the Humpfries Arms wasteland Wilsdon Row Bowdage Auto Repair Lowther Lane Fire Station the Lapley Building Caffin Street the Edgar Museum St. Francis's Church a junkyard
Purnell Avenue the Cowie Museum Whelton Row the Brandon Building Coate Boulevard School a junkyard St. Columba's Hospital St. Wulfstan's Church a cemetery
Wickstead Cinema
Ivyleafe Row Police Department Bessant Auto Repair Club Backholer the Brundrit Building Cooling Avenue Blandy Avenue Lyne Road Reaston Plaza Bromwich Cinema Abot Drive
Nikolai General Hospital Boulting Avenue Durston Walk School the Haskett Building Eaglesfield Library Self Avenue the Goodridge Building the Longman Monument Dolling Road wasteland

The Malton Suburb of East Boundwood
wasteland Carner Way Police Department a carpark Nursey Bank Wolsey Crescent Fire Station St. Alfred's Hospital Ivyleafe Way wasteland a junkyard a warehouse
the Spankling Building Mahoney Plaza Police Department Codman Alley Railway Station the Genge Monument the Gilmore Motel Schonlau Walk a junkyard a junkyard Club Hefferin Merson Street
a junkyard Wescombe Cinema Hateley Avenue the Herridge Hotel the Eastwood Building a junkyard the Scarman Building Meade Walk Railway Station Whalen Place School a junkyard
a carpark the Brazey Building Baynton Park the Hocking Monument Cookesley Walk Fire Station Plummer Library Rago Cinema Trott Plaza Kemys Way School wasteland
Gimblett Bank Yeriod Bank a warehouse Challenger Crescent Police Department Chitty Walk the Pegrum Monument a warehouse the Channing Building wasteland Troake Road
the Flynn Motel Havenhand Boulevard St. Jude's Hospital a warehouse Colsworthy Street Alphege General Hospital the Havill Motel Weary Library Sparey Plaza Ireland Drive
Anastasius General Hospital Vimpany Auto Repair St. Anthony's Church a cemetery - RP the Digby Building the Southworth Arms the Mays Monument wasteland Silwood Row Tidcombe Plaza
the Porcher Building the Stapellton Arms the Lynn Monument Donovan Square Dawes Walk Poulet Grove Packham Alley a factory the Sheppard Building a junkyard
Huddleston Avenue a carpark Braddon Way Cassell Auto Repair Knyps Drive Bayley Street wasteland Ambrose Lane - RP Beedall Cinema Southall Mansion
Latcham Library Anning Avenue Nation Library Bale Mall Bale Mall St. Matthew's Hospital Barton Lane the Loveless Building St. Philip's Church Southall Mansion

Sign me up!

Yes! I'd like my own pair of shiny boots and free use of what's left of the squad cars!


We look forward to hearing from you! -CaptainVideo 05:36, 7 January 2009 (UTC)

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