Carpark 39,86

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a carpark

Dartside [39, 86]

Blakesley Grove Police Department Tikhon General Hospital Bugden Avenue
(Kinch Heights)
Shapr Boulevard Police Department a carpark Taylour Lane
(Kinch Heights)
a factory wasteland Doble Way
(Kinch Heights)

Basic Info:

  • A carpark is a city block without any buildings, used before the apocalypse for parking cars. If any cars remain, they are apparently unusable.
  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.

One of the many carparks in the city of Malton, this one is both hospital- and police station-adjacent, and was frequently shared between the two institutions prior to the outbreak. Although the precise fees at the time are now uncertain, it has a reputation among survivors for having been one of the most labyrinthine in the area.


The area is grey and dull in colour, lichen and moss everywhere, and a few burnt-out car shells and an overturned ambulance lie around, all propped up on bricks. In essence, then, not a great deal has changed since the outbreak in terms of appearance.

Like all Malton's car parks, this area is not easily defended (other than using the flesh of those around you) and should be avoided as a sleeping place. It may once have had the best car safety record in the suburb but these days it is not a realistic place for a survivor to survive.


One quarter of the carpark was designated as Police parking. The other three quarters were designated as hospital parking, including an emergency ambulance zone. It should be noted that Thunderbird 3 was oft seen leaving the car park via a secret underground tunnel.

In the early days of the outbreak survivors would clamour here in the vain hope of building some defences. No-one is quite sure why they did this as it didn't really work and there were already several proper buildings, made of bricks and stone and things, within about thirty seconds' walk. They have since learned their lesson and now spend their days strolling through the car park only to revive lost memories.