Carpark 96,7

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a carpark

Dulston [96,7]

Bullor Avenue Marsh Avenue Oatley Bank
Spencer Row a carpark a junkyard
Tovey Place the Slade Arms Hagger Way

Basic Info:

  • A carpark is a city block without any buildings, used before the apocalypse for parking cars. If any cars remain, they are apparently unusable.
  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.



This carpark is located in the suburb of Dulston. Of historical note the Dulston Theater, built in 1911 and once considered a key landmark building within Dulston, once occupied these very grounds. The building had served local cultural interests until 1934 when, after having lost money over the past 3 years, it was finally torn down to make way for a parking lot.

Survivors should be aware that they cannot barricade this location and searching yields next to nothing. As such, survivors should avoid this location or keep an eye out for zombies who may choose to congregate here.

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