Castleman Walk Fire Station

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Castleman Walk Fire Station
cades at VS+?
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Castleman Walk Fire Station

Wykewood [14,72]

a factory the Smithfield Arms Maul Walk
the Boston Monument Castleman Walk Fire Station Halberry Lane
Banger Cinema Semple Plaza Haile Street

Basic Info:

  • Can be barricaded normally.
Malton Fire Department


Castleman Walk Fire Station

Castleman Walk Fire Station is a grey-stone building flanked by trees.


Castle Wyke

Now a bland modern structure, Castleman Walk was once the site of Sir Walter Wyke's hunting lodge, which was built like a small castle, complete with battlements, gatehouse and curtain walls. Its remote location among the ancient woods of the Wyke family lands also made it a convenient lovenest for the amorous nobleman, leading to Henry VIII's suspicion that Walter had been 'dipping his wick' with one of Henry's six wives. This suspicion had fatal results for the unhappy Walter; staying the night at Castleman Walk continues to have fatal results for curious archaeologists and passers-by.

Barricade Policy

Very Strongly

Please check out the plan in order to ensure adequate access to the rest of the burb and surrounding areas.


Fire Marshall: EnForcer32

Captain: baklajanets