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Cat Protection Society
Abbreviation: C.P.S.
Group Numbers: All residing in the 'Manor'
Leadership: A small grey cat(only because i created the page)
Goals: Keep the surroundin area zed free and eliminate all zeds.
Recruitment Policy: Contact one of us at the 'Manor", or go to our forums
Contact: We are on frequency 26.89

We are in 'Manor' farm.


The Cat protection society is a group formed at manor farm in Monroeville. It is a collection of survivors who banded together in tough times the groups skill levels vary, but all do their bit to keep the area zombie free. This page is currently under construction.


The barricades are made to keep out zombies. Therefore the barricades of the 'Manor' farm are to be EHB while the adjacent junkyard is to be VSB+2. Any standalone buildings should be VSB+2.


We get the lower level players to bring down the zombies health and then the higher level players who have headshot permanently destroy them. We are currently scouting the area and conducting raids against the zombies inhabiting the forest to the north.


A small grey cat, NotRddr, Sam Leumas, Stephen Crabbe, Radoslav Jaros, Lester Goldwater, KF's Evil Twin, Kaiser ME, Crunchyality, Fireguy Pat, 25 zornbies and kmkg2. To become a member go to this site '' or contact 'A small grey cat' in game.

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