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501st U.S. Army Battalion

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This contains all the allies and sub-groups of the 501st U.S. Army Battalion

501st U.S. Army Battalion Allied Corps
Abbreviation: 501st Ally
Group Numbers: 1 Group
Leadership: None
Goals: none currently
Recruitment Policy: none
Contact: None


On December 24th 2008, the Trinity Directorate of Sergeants officially created the 501st U.S. Army Battalion Allied Corps. The goal of this organization was to band together all the different allies of the 501st and focus them into one cohesive faction that would be able to successfully eradicate the zombie and PKer menace in Malton.

While there were two groups in negotiations with the 501st, no one had officially joined the Allied Corps. The 501st Sergeants proposed that if they could retake Fort Creedy, they would set up the official headquarters for the Allied Corps. Operation Creed was designed for this purpose.

Sergeant Killian Ale proposed that the Allied Corps had its own radio frequency to broadcast on. This was under debate with the other Sergeants during the Fall and is now a defunct issue.


The Allied Corps had its own set of policies, the main one of which is to always remember that you can be voted off the Corps by other groups if your group's actions become suspicious or illegal. If your group does something illegal, war will be declared and the group will be branded traitors (Traitor Protocol).

Another main policy of the Allied Corps was that no group can PK unless they are killing a known PKer. If any group is found to be illegally PKing they will have the Traitor Protocol enacted on them.

All Allied Corps buildings had to follow the Uniform Barricade Policy and kept at Very Strongly Barricaded. This will provide safety from zombies and still allow survivors in. The only exception is when PKers are on their way to attack a Allied Corps building, which is when the buildings must be barricaded to Extremely Heavily Barricaded.


501stally.PNG Ally of the 501st

This group is either ally of the 501st U.S. Army Battalion or a sub-group. They are under protection and if attacked, are retaliated in war. These groups are highly trained. You've been warned.


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