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Why Am I Here?

Well, your suggestion was an exact duplicate of another suggestion already made (or close enough to have no significant differences). In the Urban Dead wiki suggestion system, the vote "dupe" is for just that. It takes three valid dupe votes to get a suggestion removed - when this happens the suggestion is removed from Category:Current Suggestions and put into Category:Duped Suggestions. It is not placed into Category:Peer Rejected Suggestions.

Fixing Your Suggestion

To resubmit your suggestion and not get it reduped you need to change it so that it's not the same as or close to any other suggestion, including the one which it was a duplicate of before - so use the Developing Suggestions page! Also, if you resubmit a duplicate suggestion, think about changing the name. Some users vote Dupe simply because the name is the same.

This Was Unfairly Duped

The number one rule is not to revert it (i.e. resubmit your suggestion immediately) saying that it was unfairly duped. This gets people angry and leads to flamings, edit wars and general bad feeling around the wiki. Again, use the talk page to ask for other opinions on your suggestion and how it can be changed. (Please don't directly contact the sysops first to "get them on your side" unless you want people angry at you.)

OK - So You're Ready To Resubmit!

So you think your suggestion is ready to get resubmitted. Did you:

  • Change the name?
  • Talk through agreed changes on the talk page?
  • Look over previous suggestions to make sure that your changes don't unwittingly copy another suggestion?

Happy submitting!

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