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The People's Liberation of East Becktown
Abbreviation: PLEB
Group Numbers: 26
Leadership: None
Goals: The security and well-being of both East and West Becktown.
Recruitment Policy: Level 5+

PLEB are an egalitarian group who seek to promote a safer environment for those who share the suburbs in which they make their home, and enable survivors to learn, to develop and to fight zombies on their own terms. Click here for a definition of 'pleb'.

Press Releases

West Becktown

On the 23rd of November, 2005 PLEB announced that it would expand its activities beyond the borders of its traditional base of operations in East Becktown and would be taking on the responsibility of patrolling West Becktown as well. At present no other group is maintaining a home presence in West Becktown and, with the assault on Caiger Mall in full swing, the amount of feral zombies spilling over into the NE quad has increased dramatically. PLEB hopes to be able to provide aid in clearing the streets, healing survivors, reviving residents and securing all buildings.

Portable Generators

20th of November, 2005: Naturally, as soon as generators were discovered lying around in hardware stores, PLEB obtained a significant number of them, and began hoarding fuel like a paranoid superpower. We are still deep in discussions as to how we will use them but, rest assured, we won't let them distract us from the ongoing crisis.

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