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If you were sent to this page it means your idea (or somebody else's idea you were viewing) has been deemed spam. In Urban Dead's suggestion system, spam suggestions are those that were either patently ridiculous or which break one of the fundamental Game Assumptions. When your suggestion receives seven spam votes and they make up 2/3rds or more of the total votes on the suggestion, it is immediately sent to the Spammed suggestions page. You may try your suggestion again, but you must change it first to adhere to a higher standard of quality. Resubmitting the same spam over and over will result in a ban from the site. So if you still want to save this suggestion, read below.

My suggestion was unfairly removed!

A Sysop can if they so choose delete any suggestion with three or more Spams as long as Spams outnumber Keeps; this includes their own spam vote. Suggestions may not be removed as spam unless voting has been open for 6 hours.

For more information, go to Spaminated.

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