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This is a category for arbitration cases surrounding the event named Wikigate. The original case involved several users with several accusations (see Amazing vs Various), and was later split in several 1-against-1 cases involving amazing and those whom he accused in the original arbitration case.

Summary of Final Rulings

Amazing vs. GANKBUS

Amazing vs. Rasher

  • Rulling: Rasher and Amazing are to stay away from each other. 21:10, 16 May 2006 (BST)
  • Arbiters: hagnat

Amazing vs. Rueful

Amazing vs. ASS

  • Ruling: solved
  • Arbiters: Brizth

Amazing vs. Banana Bear4

  • Ruling: closed
  • Arbiters: N/A

Amazing vs. Mpaturet

  • Ruling: Dropped (Misunderstanding)
  • Arbiters: ???

Amazing vs. Scinfaxi

  • Ruling: Arbitration refused by Scinfaxi.
  • Arbiters: Arbitration refused by Scinfaxi.

Amazing vs. The Faggots

  • Ruling: The Faggots cleared until further evidence is posted.
  • Arbiters: The General

Amazing vs. Lucero Capell

  • Ruling: Amazing and Lucero Capell have agreed to a contract that limits their actions towards each other for a period.
  • Arbiters: Vista

Amazing vs. Zaruthustra

  • Ruling: Amazing and Zaruthustra are to stay away from one another.
  • Arbiters: LibrarianBrent
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