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Original description is not objective

This category is clearly biased in favor of anti-PKing groups and is not objective.

The original author states, "This is a list of groups who attack and kill PKers. PKing is a legitimate part of Urban Dead, it is fully supported and not illegal in the game, in fact, PKing is the easiest of routes for a character to take, and thus PKers are 'easy' roles to play."

Playing as a PKer is certainly more difficult than playing as a regular survivor. PKers are hunted down mercilessly everywhere in the game and it is not safe to sleep in any building, particularly the most secure areas, like malls. Thus, PKers tend to sleep in less secure buildings with fewer survivors, making them more susceptible to zombie attacks.

PKers must battle both survivors and zombies. This clearly does not constitute the "easiest" of routes. There is no need for that opinion to be stated as fact here.

I am changing this description of anti-PKing groups to a more objective description. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Charon's Freight (talkcontribs) .

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