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Cathedrals in Malton.


Cathedrals are the most iconic religious buildings amongst Malton's landscape. They are still used for some forms of religion but not oft visited by survivors. They appear to belong to a Christian denomination, possibly Catholic, given the names are that of saints.


The five cathedrals in Malton are all 2x2 large buildings. They do not have doors unlike most buildings, but can be barricaded. The items found in cathedrals are the same as churches, namely first aid kits, wine and crucifixes. Both hospitals and malls offer much improved search odds for first aid kits and so few survivors will remain here to search despite them being a useful resource. In a pinch however, they can still prove useful. Cathedrals provide some unique clothes such as the bishop's mitre and silver medallion. Due to their rarity, their multi-block nature and minimal survivor presence, they are difficult to hold and defend.

An on-going wiki meme concerning crucifixes, which can be found when searching in these buildings, is the quote "Crucifixes should be useless, just like in real life." which is often applied to any Suggestions that attempt to give them a use.

Current Status

The status of Malton's cathedrals can be found on the wiki. Individual danger reports can be found at the Big Building Information Center along with other large buildings. These reports are not guaranteed to be accurate.


first aid kits


a bishop's mitre (unique)
a wimple (unique)
a clerical collar
a crucifix necklace
a set of rosary beads
a silver medallion of <name>1 (unique)
a black cassock
a <colour> robes2 (unique)


  1. a medallion has corresponding cathedral name (e.g. "a silver medallion of Saint Matthew").
  2. limited to brown, dark brown, black, white, purple and red.