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Cdrive1, he wasn't always known as this...once known as Officer John Davis he was on the beat, he was a good shot but he slacked on his police duties the moment a zombie infestation was rummored, all he did was train and train, only doing a few jobs. Before he was to be fired...well zombies proved the rummors true and rendered him the only survivor of a police station he vaguely remembers the name of, a trait he has is that he carries plenty of guns, this was true especially during his days as John Davis, some called him Gunmule or the U-Haul of guns, if you asked him, he would give you a gun he has, unless he has only 1 pistol and 1 shotgun, he won't surrender that even if you threatened him.

The fact he carries the guns doesn't mean he won't use em either, using 1 at a time as to ensure maxinum accuracy, so don't be surprised if you get a gun that has little to no ammo. He also is acrobatic, being able to jump roofs...though this was learned recently, he grew comfortable with it, "Would have come in handy in the police days." he would say if you asked.

His only real source of news and events is his radio, he wears a police uniform that is fresh, given he often replaces it and his hat, he still goes as a law enforcer. Meanning he will either arrest or KILL PKers, so don't even REMOTELY try it, and if you think that getting arrested is fine...well try being handcuffed to a pole while zed is approaching fast, unknowing of your alligence to them.... >:]

He sometimes drinks, if you asked he would say "It settles the nerves, plus its damn good." break a bottle he's drinking, he'll stab you with the bottle handle.

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