Cemetery 14,92

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a cemetery

Old Arkham [14, 92]

Cobley Walk Bagnall Way Glanfield Street
St. Neot's Church a cemetery Hillyer Park
Leman Boulevard Newmarch Square Fire Station Emma General Hospital

Basic Info:

Cemetery 14,92


A somber cemetary located next to St. Neot's Church containing many old graves, and a hope for new life...


Unpleasantly known as the resting place of Arkham Zann, the murderous head of nearby Emma General Hospital, where he commited unspeakable atrocities upon all who visited. His gravestone is frequently coated in spraypainted insults and slurs by surviving relatives of his victims.


April 26, 2008 - 23 zeds at this Cemetary, all looking for revive, including myself. I've had DNA extracted 3 times, but no one has revived me, I dont have brain rot, and I need to get to Dartside to help my group, the Anti-zombie squad, retake Wigdahl Bank. Any and all human help would be appreciated, any one with Construction skill is preferable. - Eric Bessette

Revive.gif Revive Point
This area is a designated Revivification Point

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