Cemetery 17,72

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a cemetery

Wykewood [17,72]

the Ross Building Adler Boulevard Martland Library
St. Fabian's Church a cemetery a carpark
Spraggon Drive Railway Station a warehouse Trott Alley School

Basic Info:


"Herein wests Sir Walter Wyke, Who woamed too fweely with his dykke."

This cemetery is located to the east of the suburb's centre. It is Wykewood's oldest and smallest cemetery and is located one block east of St. Fabian's Church which should be found barricaded to no more than very strongly as per this suburb's policy.


This graveyard is the burial place of Sir Walter Wyke, and is attached to the Wyke family chapel, St Fabian's. Wyke's epitaph, still just visible on the Wyke mausoleum, was written by the lisping Henrician court poet Wichard Wodewick, best-known for his sonnet, Thonnet to a Thongbird, Thitting on a Honeythuckle.

Current Status

Considered a sanctuary to those awaiting revivification under the Sacred Ground Policy. Although it is sacred ground, those wishing to be revived will likely find speedier service at the Cemetery 17,75 3 blocks South.