Cemetery 20,52

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A Cemetery 20,52

a cemetery

Lerwill Heights [20, 52]

Lewer Way
Farewell Place Police Department Dibbin Park
St. Margaret's Church
a cemetery Sidey Alley Railway Station
Cooley Walk
Beament Auto Repair Kene Avenue

Basic Info:

Thulsa Doom's Home for the Aged

Thulsa Doom's Temple of Set dedicated this cemetery as a home for the aged shortly after their victory in the great "Farewell to the Farewell Place Police Deparment" Celebration.

It was reported that after accepting the cold embrace of Set, many of the survivors were not Fairing Well in their new state, instead shambling aimlessly to this cemetary in the hope that foul purveyors of steel would remove Set's blessing from them.

In order to assure that the dead remain that way, as is most natural and in accordance with Set's will, it was decided to make every effort to prohibit all attempts at the foul human practice of "revivification".

We of the Temple know that in the long run, the harmanz will be better off for it.

All Hail Set.

Thulsa doom snake.gif

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