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Quarlesbank [21,8]

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Basic Info:

Weeping Willows Elm Cemetery


At one time a gorgeous place of rest for Maltons' many deceased residents. Now the lawns lay overgrown and ragged. Hundreds of headstones now are barely visible from beneath years of forgetfulness.

Once beautiful mausoleums and marble headstones lie in ruin. Deep holes that once were graves, splintered mausoleum doors and a festering lake are almost all that is left of the glory that once was this awe inspiring vigil to death.

Recently, large, weird pink wildflowers have begun growing in patches throughout the cemetery. They are of an unknown type, resembling orchids, but the centers eerily resemble a human skull. Their smell is something like gingerbread, and reputedly has a mildly intoxicating effect.


One of the oldest cemeteries in Malton "Wheeping Willows Elm" Boasted one of the most beautiful lakes where citizens from all over Malton would come to pay their respects and feed the many ducks and geese that flocked and played in its waters.

Founded in 1917 by Rev. Benjamin J. Dover as a final resting place for his many followers of St. Marcellin's Church and their families.

By 1947 most of the original families who had attended St. Marcellin's Church had died out, moved from Malton or disappeared under mysterious circumstances. So the doors to the mortuary were opened to the rest of the populace.

For years Maltons' rich, famous and powerful payed top dollar for plots at this most prestigious of resting places. It quickly became "The Place" to be buried or entombed in Northern Malton.

After the scandal at St. Marcellins', (For the tawdry tale, visit St. Marcellin's Church.) The graveyard was forgotten and only the caretaker would go in, and from time to time, local inhabitants to visit loved ones.

Before the outbreak, the only talk of weeping willows were stories that people told of the graveyard and church being haunted. Tales of teenagers sneaking onto the grounds to disappear without a trace and strange screams coming from deep in the ground.

During the early stages of the outbreak. The cemetery was used to store the bodies of the dead and when things got worse they began throwing the bodies into the lake and pouring gasoline into its water in a vain attempt to incinerate the carcasses.

The Rules of the Cemetery

  1. Please be respectful of your fellow man. Alive and Dead.
  2. The discharge of firearms is prohibited. (Unless absolutely necessary)
  3. Guests should not tag tombstones.
  4. Attendance at the Reverends meetings at St. Marcellin's Church are free of charge. But a small donation to the unfortunates of Malton is always appreciated.
  5. Please try to keep fighting down to a bare minimum. If at all.
  6. Food and drink are permitted on the grounds. Please restrict consumption of such things to the picnic areas.
  7. Because these times are so traumatic on all of us, wine is always available at St. Marcellins' next door. But please keep alcoholic consumption to safe levels.

Recent News

February 26, 2009 - In light of the recent capture of Calvert mall many zombies are waiting here to be revived so they can get back into the fray. Any survivor in Quarrelsbank or Gambeton with skill with a revive syringe and wanting Calvert back in survivor hands should come to Cemetery 21, 8 with needles ready.

June 22, 2007 - A small horde has assembled at the graveyard. Rumor has it they are planning something for Burning Man festivities later this summer, or they smelled fresh meat. Either way.

June 15, 2007 - Rev. Draven777 has recently started going out and trying to slowly clean up some of the dead branches. But the problems of mistaking fallen limbs off of trees from fallen limbs off of bodies remains to be a tad bothersome.

February 8th, 2007 - The Graveyard has been the site of a large zombie horde for over a week. Unsure on rumors that the zombies are in fact former inhabitants.