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Caiger Revive Point

Darvall Heights [24,27]

Tompson Walk the Herman Building Priddy Bank
St. Isidore's Church Caiger Revive Point the Gadd Motel
Yeandill Towers Perram Avenue School Mudford Plaza

Basic Info:

Cemetery 24,27 and St. Isidore's.jpg


This cemetery is attached to St. Isidore's Church at [24,27] and is the only one in Darvall Heights. It is the suburb's primary revive point. This RP is currently maintained by the Soldiers of Crossman in conjunction with the NecroTech Building, the Hermann NT [26,26], one block north.

Barricade Policy

It is not possible to barricade cemeteries.

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Quick revives may also be had at Salopia Row [21,29], the main revive point for Caiger Mall survivors. Contact SoC here: https://discord.gg/naQaND8. (Please use the revivification request tools available and make life easier on the NT trained personnel servicing the revive points of Malton. That means registering at an actual revive point and not a random spot on the map.)

Current Status

This location is associated with the Soldiers of Crossman. Contact them on their talk page [1] or at their forum [2]. Or here: https://discord.gg/naQaND8, especially if you are interested in joining the fight.

Please see the Darvall Heights Building Information Center.


Founded in 1820, this lovely old cemetery had been in continual use until the Outbreak began.

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
We acknowledge that all cemeteries in the city of Malton
are considered Revivification Points.

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