Cemetery 36,13

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a cemetery

Shuttlebank [36, 13]

Cobden Way St. Piran's Church Perrie Square Fire Station
Sampson Lane a cemetery Club Roles
the Darknell Museum Thair Place a warehouse

Basic Info:

St. Piran's Church and Cemetery 36,13, Shuttlebank .jpg


This local revive point (RP) is currently maintained by the staff of Fabian General Hospital [34,16] and the employees of the Marfell NT Building [33,15].

Barricade Policy

It is not possible to barricade cemeteries.

Revive.gif Revivification Requests
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For the quickest revives, head to Look Road [34,15], which is one block north of Fabian General Hospital. The Marfell NT Building, a NecroTech facility, is adjacent one block to the west.

Current Status

This location is associated with the Tikhon Medical hospital, Fabian General Hospital.

Please see the Shuttlebank Building Information Center.


Founded in 1720, this lovely old cemetery had been in continual use until the Outbreak began.

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