Cemetery 38,73

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a cemetery

Greentown [38,73]

Mounty Bank St. Sixtus's Church the Colyer Monument
the Becky Building a cemetery Morle Row
wasteland Riggs Road Cassell Way

Basic Info:

Cemetery 38,73


Oddly the only cemetery in Greentown in spite of the half dozen churches and therefore also known as the Greentown Cemetery. Due to the Sacred Ground Policy, cemeteries such as this are often considered a generic Revive point.


Like most other cemeteries in Malton, this one was built just after the First World War, to house the dead people coming home. Years later, the same dead people rose as zombies, becoming the first zombies to appear in Greentown after the outbreak, thus causing speculation of the Second Coming among the typically religious town.

Barricade Plan

A park is an empty city block without any buildings. It cannot be Barricaded, and is not included in the Greentown barricade policy. --Alice Cuinn 07:56, 4 June 2007 (BST)

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