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a cemetery

Foulkes Village [5, 80]

St. Ninian's Church
Codrington Square School
Chicke Bank
wasteland a cemetery Capes Street
Raines Grove the Potter Monument Wimbridge Crescent

Basic Info:


The Old Foulkes Cemetery


An old burial ground. Among the standing memorials rest toppled headstones of the forgotten deceased, the names rendered illegible with age.


Here many of the founding statesmen of Foulkes Village take their final sleep. In the old days, it was considered a matter of great prestige to be burried in the Foulkes Cemetery. As such, only the very wealthy could afford to set aside a plot, and arrange for a lavish tomb.

Many merchants made their living in neighboring Nixbank so they could rest in Foulkes Cemetery.

Prominent tombs honor the memories of Leander Carr and Theodore Wimbridge, among others.

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