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a cemetery

Stanbury Village [54,57]

Dorey Walk wasteland the Sertin Building
(Phone Mast)
St Maria's Church a cemetery Skemp Road
Daynes Alley Police Dept a warehouse wasteland

Basic Info:


"Here lieth ye bones of ye liar, Campbell Mac Dougall."

A romantically Gothic, windswept cemetery, crowded with Celtic crosses and overlooked by the grey, lichen-clad stones of St Maria's Church.


By the 1980s, this cemetery was the last remnant of the widespread landholdings of St Maria's Church. As the importance of Scottish Catholicism receded in Stanbury Village life, the Church was forced to sell land in order to maintain the church and these graves: the final parcel of land was the Nichols estate, which was to become Nichols Mall - neatly mirroring the shift from Catholicism to commercialism as the driving force in Village society.

The cemetery features many fascinating historic graves, none more so than that of Campbell Mac Dougall, whose treachery led to the 1692 Massacre of Glen Kevan (Gleann Caoimhín in Scots Gaelic), north of Malton. The history of this horrific event can be read in the Cabell Arms archives, behind the bar, where the single malts are also kept.

The grave of this notorious turncoat was repeatedly defaced over the centuries until the body was exhumed and placed in an unmarked grave somewhere in Stanbury Village. More recently, hungry zombies have attempted to deface living people as they pass through the cemetery on the way to their safehouses.

Current Status

2009-May-11 - No zombies, two dead bodies on the premises. Twelve other zombies are on the local map, 1 North and 12 SW. --Lariat2301 03:11, 12 May 2009 (BST)

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