Cemetery 90,20

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a cemetery

Dunningwood [90,20]

Pettey Square
(Rolt Heights)
St Josephine's Church
Kemble Lane Railway Station
Mylrea Walk Police Dept
a cemetery Morrhall Place School
Rounds Grove
Cranston Park the Hewetson Building

Basic Info:

You are standing in a cemetery. The grass between the headstones seems smooth and undisturbed.


A cemetery is an open area with old, yet intricately carved headstones, that once served as the permanent resting place for the deceased residents of the suburb of Dunningwood. It should be noted that this is the only cemetery located in the entire suburb, making it the only local spot for residents to bury their dead. Of course these days being deceased hardly ends in burial and usually only marks the beginning of one's problems rather than their end.

Located in the very northwest corner of the suburb it borders with the three suburbs of Rolt Heights to the northwest, Pescodside to the north, and Gibsonton to the west.

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