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Central Malton Zombie Death Squad
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Abbreviation: Central Malton ZDS
Group Numbers: 6
Leadership: Joe R Street, Mike Lock, Camellion Kid
Goals: Recover central Malton and destroy all zacks and hostile groups
Recruitment Policy: E-mail joe r street on ChristieRoad1015@AOL.com - so we know how many members we have, also e-mail to ask about the group coz the page doesn't work and i can't really be bothered to try and fix it so its all messed up
Contact: We'll call you



The Central Malton ZDS is a relatively small yet dedicated group with the potential to largely assist in the cleanup of Malton. We are a group dedicated to those who want to have a laugh but its always good to have a few people who will take it seriously. Just as long as everyone is prepared to take part. HAUD VEREOR (No Fear) - Group Slogan

First Contact

To contact us before you join use Doyouhavetheguevos@Hotmail.com to talk to me over msn as it will act like a sort of forum, only because i don't know how to make one.


In order for the group to communicate and keep up to date MSN and AOL IM will be used as this means that communcation is quick, easy and most importantly FREE.


A basic hierachy is going to be set up once the number of members increases. it will be set up simply with a group of leaders acting as a sort of council with members chosen by the council to be squad leaders and other roles giving players a chance to move through the ranks. More information will be posted closer to the time.

Membership Requirements

the Central Malton ZDS are not fussy when it comes to recuitment. However, it is aimed more a beginner players as it is a chance for them to gain experience and work throught the ranks of the Group, although more experienced players are just as welcome to join.

Player Information

The only thing we do ask is that we get a range of different classes: Scientists, Firefighters, Police Officers, Military Personel. This is only asked so that we have a wide range of functions within the group. we will also want to know what sorts of equipment you have as a player as this will assist us when choosing your original position within the group.


Vinetown - Just look for any of the council members in the area and let us know your part of the team if you don't want to give out your E-mail/MSN or whatever.


The Council

Other Members


  • AZMG


  • imamidget2010
  • Coorin


The Central Malton ZDS Council

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