Chalker Park

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Chalker Park

Foulkes Village [8, 80]

the Byfield Building
Estmond Park
the Delay Building
Club Clement Chalker Park Vincent Square Police Department
the Dadson Building the Fone Arms a carpark

Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.

Chalker Park


Zombies gather to marvel - or mumble - at the chalk horse.

An unfenced grassy area centring on a small but steep hill, on which a stylised white horse has been carved since time immemorial.


One of Malton's ancient historic sites, the White Horse of Chalker Park is a druidic symbol on the northern border of Foulkes Village. It is not known exactly when the White Horse was carved - indeed, the druids themselves may have simply found it and then used it to their own ends, rather than creating it themselves (druids being notoriously lazy, bearded old men).

A lazy old druid.

It is recorded (according to the Annals of St Aelred) that human sacrifices were performed here, to appease the pagan spirits who were thought to demand the blood and brains of seven virgins each solstice.

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