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Chatwin Library
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Chatwin Library

Vinetown [82, 60]

Whitlock Way Railway Station
Jacquet Walk
Pasmore Alley
Shyar Cinema Chatwin Library Gelasius General Hospital
Goddard Way Club Atthill St. John's Cathedral

Basic Info:

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  • Libraries can be barricaded normally.

Chatwin Library

Chatwin Library (82,60) is a library in the suburb of Vinetown.

One of Chatwin's medical research suites.


A narrow white-stone building with a curved roof.


Chatwin Library is a library which recieved funding from Gelasius General Hospital (Vinetown). Because of this it has gathered a large collection of medical texts and research papers. Many students studying medicine began their careers in its modern rooms, and now survivors pop in and out seeking information on how best to deal with bite and claw wounds.

Despite this medical bent, the library's name derives from its chief glory: the precious collection of Bruce Chatwin's private papers, including some blotting paper he used while writing Songlines, the only square of toilet paper left after his gruelling trip researching In Patagonia, and a number of unused Moleskine notebooks which it is thought might possibly have belonged to him, after all, he did use this sort of notebook didn't he, and it would be rather nice to think these were his once, even if they probably weren't. Well, never mind, we need to fill another display cabinet.

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