Children of Oblivion

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Liber de Oblivio

Children of Oblivion
Abbreviation: C.o.O.
Group Numbers: 4 reliable gents
Leadership: Firequag
Goals: take care of each other
Recruitment Policy: anyone that is cool
Contact: Firequag

Our motto

Semper Habeo Spes - Always have hope

About C.o.O.

I started Children of Oblivion to build a strong and close group that watches each others backs. Many times have I been munched on because I slept alone in some building and when people see me or others in trouble they just go into another building, with the exception of a few good citizens. - Firequag

Our Template

Watching em.JPG The C.o.O. is watching!
This building is watched and protected by the Children of Oblivion.


C.o.O is currently operating in Randallbank

Our principles

Our principles are basically to watch any bodys back that seems to deserve it or just is sleeping in the same bulding as you. Sure We are low on members but we watch any building we sleep in like our lives depended on it, which it does. It's not that zombies seem wrong to us or evil, it's just that they make easy targets and eat to much human flesh to be considered normal. (I don't know what that means)?(@_@)

In loving memory

In loving memory of one of our fallen comrades. Criid. She is no longer active so whoever reads this I ask you for a moment of silence..............................Criid you will be missed


April 11 - Firequag is in the hammond library keeping watch over the NT building with Chu inside it, this is a crucial step towards victory over the zombies, since without the NT building we can't raise the surivor to zomie ratio.

March 12th - Firequag narrowly escaped a zed attack on the building standing parralel to the stickling mall, its now over the mall is taken again! so the group will regroup at the south east corner of brooke hills where it all began.

March 11th - Firequag is in the vicinity of stickling mall e is going to restock and set out trying to find the rest of the C.o.O., Cridd will also make her way to the mall and do the same.

February 13th - Firequag and Criid are currently in the Rush Building, and have recruited three new members, Chu Chuu, Hiro Goodfellow, and Broadblade. Chu is out restocking on ammo and soon Firequag will follow him. Our entrance point, the Luckcraft Cinema is back up to better cade status, and the zed outside recieved a headshot for the attempted raid.

February 5th - Firequag Went over to Roachtown and began his desperate search for Criid, he found her, but she was dead. luckily shes slowly revivifying.

January 26th - Firequag took out two zombies in the whitney building but eight of them still remain in there. No word on Criid since yesterday.

January 25th- today Firequag took out two rotters trying to get into the local PD, Criid is still resting (i guess) Our Hq is occuppied by the C.o.O. and some guy from Necrotech.


  • Firequag
  • Chu Chuu
  • broadblade
  • Hiro Goodfella
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